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The Blessing of Violence

An interesting question arose within a poetry workshop I attended this week.

This was the question, "Are human beings violent by nature?" This is a real question. This is the sort of question one can expect to arise amongst those working with the language of the soul. This is the language of the poetic, the language of creation.

As for myself the answer is a resounding "No."

This morning I have reflected on this question (a sort of mini quest) and I have metaphorically turned the question on its head. I find it useful to sometimes turn questions around and view them from another angle. It allows me to envision them in a different way.

To answer, "No" to this question is not enough.

Given what is portrayed in the newspapers and on television, it would suggest that the answer to the question, "Are human beings by nature violent," should be a resounding, "Yes."

To better argue my case I have turned this question into a statement. This is a statement I hope to humbly defend without violence in words. I have changed the question into the statement, "Being is inviolate."

You dear friend are a "being." You are a "being" that is incarnated in human form. You as a being live in two worlds. You live in the world of form and the world of no form. You live in the world of time and space and the world of the timeless. As the great poet Goethe said

"And so long as you have
not experienced this:
To die, and so to grow,
You are but a troubled
guest on this dark earth."
--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Goethe is saying that if you do not know the wisdom of the two worlds (so long as you have not experienced this) you will have missed the knowing of love. If you miss the knowing of love (not simply "my love") you are "but a troubled guest on this dark earth."

As a being who comes into form without beginning or end you are inviolate. As the wonderful mystic poet of Islam Jelaluddin Rumi (1207-1273) invites "Come out of the circle of love into the circle of time." You are born in the image of God (or Goddess) and God (or Goddess) is LOVE. Do not get caught up in words. Words are not the "essence of it" for which the word is used.

This is not something merely to "think about."

It is something we as beings in human form are here to know and to share. This is not something to believe. It is something one surrenders to. This is something that you are to realise. It is the work of individualisation to make real in the world of form that which is unconditional and that which is formless.

Violence has its root in the feeling of fear.

Those who stand in love and feel the pull of the river of love work with the violence in their own heart. They work knowing that darkness is not something that is overcome but transmuted into the life of love. They know that violence never changes anything in the world of the timeless.

All those who have been prepared to give up any idea that they, as beings in form are separate from love, know this.

Violence denotes an absence. Violence is the last bastion of the ego. Violence is not the response of love in action but a conditioned reaction from ego. This can be an individual ego reaction. When it is a reaction from the national ego usually there is war. There is war with all its illusory labels of "glory," "patriotism," "freedom," or "democracy," to name a few. You can choose your own.

Our focus in this world of time and space is ever outward.

This world of the outer has a major premise. Its "raison d`etre" is predicated on the idea (which creates the feeling) that you, dear friend, are not enough. It is predicated on the idea that you had better get your share or else you will be a loser. You are told to make something of yourself. You are told to become a somebody and the bigger the somebody you become the better.

You are invited to become what Rudyard Kipling called "the people of the food." You are invited to banquet at the feast of "never enough." Whatever "the people of the food" eat does not quench their hunger.

This is the opposite approach to knowing that your being is inviolate.

Knowing this you dance at the centre of life. Knowing this you move in the world from a sense of love in action. Knowing this you are the flow of the Beloved in the world of form. Knowing this you are responsible. Knowing this you have the ability to respond moment to moment.

You are not one who simply reacts.

You are not a reactionary. You are not violent. You are certain. You are non-defensive. You are secure on the only ground that ever supports you. This is the "ground of being." This is where the word "humble" originates. From the word "humus" meaning "earth or ground."

To be willing "to know" is not easy.

It is much easier to say, "I believe," or "I do not believe." Knowing means being willing to enter into "the cloud of unknowing." Knowing means you have to be willing to surrender the ego. When this happens there can be no violence or anyone to be violent to. How can that which is love violate that which is love? It is not possible.

Knowing means you give up everything that keeps you separate from reality. You choose to live the real life. You choose to enter states of being where wisdom and the knowing of love and life are waiting to embrace you.

You make a commitment to know the way and the truth.

This is your way. It is unique to you. Only you can walk this path. When you walk your path with all its doubts and uncertainties you become authentic. You authorise your belonging in this world. When you are prepared to do this the Beloved comes and places a ring on your finger. This is a sign that you are wedded to your enoughness. You have come home to that which is holy you.

The world of time and form tells you this is irrational.

And of course the outer world is correct. This homeplace that each one of us longs for is the longing simply "to be." When you realise the inviolate being you are you have come home. You are enough. You know you are blessed because you are Love. This is not the same as being a loving person.

Violence is a sign of how far we have forgotten who we are. We have avoided the real questions and the real "quest ? I ? on." These are the real questions that will create peace on earth. When enough human "beings" are committed to knowing the two worlds then violence will be transmuted into that which is inviolate.

The true reality is that love is inviolate.

This is because it is formless and timeless. It has no beginning or end. It is and is not. It is nothing and all things. It cannot be done violence to. It is not "my love" or "your love." Love is the feeling energy that moves the universe. It is the universal flow.

Because you are created from the formless energy of love you too are inviolate. You will always be inviolate. You will always be love. You will always be enough. You can violate form but you cannot do violence to essence.

It means little or nothing to know this intellectually.

It is not enough to think this is a "good idea." It is not enough to simply believe it. Unless you are prepared to know that you are a being of light and love then violence will be your state of being. You will be in violation of a covenant with the Beloved. Because you feel separate from love eternal you are already doing great violence to yourself.

Make the question not, "Are human beings naturally violent?"

Make your question, "Who am I?" Make your quest, "To thine own self be true." When you make a heart commitment to these questions then in one moment you might glimpse. In one moment you will move beyond belief to a life beyond belief. In one moment the knowing will be there and you will be it.

In one moment you will enter the Blessing and know that you are it. This will be forever enough.

© Tony Cuckson 2005

Tony Cuckson is a writer, storyteller and Anamcara. This Celtic term means "Soul Friend." He specializes in providing insight for the spiritual journey, Blessings for YOU, words of wisdom and finding inner peace. Visitors to Irish Blessings Matter website and Tony's Blog get the opportunity to develop a purpose driven life through articles, newsletters and other programs.

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