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To many people in the Western world Metaphysical Healing is akin to voodoo, quackery, complete fantasy or lunacy. In China, Japan, India and other Eastern countries Metaphysical Healing has been the primary medical practice for thousands of years. Metaphysical Healing is becoming more recognized in the western world. However, it is primarily considered a last resort approach, whereas, in Eastern countries Western medicine is considered a last resort approach.

Understanding Metaphysical Healing is shockingly simple, yet for the Western mind, it is analogues to asking someone to cut off their leg and watch themselves bleed to death. The Healing that is referred to is, in keeping with all known traditional practices and what is beginning to be understood scientifically, is referred to as Energy Healing or Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual Healing has existed since the beginning of time amid religious beliefs and practices, along with the mystery, superstition, fear, and misunderstanding. Spiritual or Energy Healing is now becoming recognized regardless of what anyone chooses to believe or think. Ask almost anyone about their spiritual well being and they will probably tell you, "Yeah, I do my spiritual healing in church". Therein the confusion arises out of the association of healing with religion and the spiritual. The majority of people do not understand the difference.

The definition of "HEAL" means, 1. To restore to health or soundness, 2. To set right, repair, 3. To restore a person to spiritual wholeness, 4. To become whole and sound, to return to health.

The definition of "SPIRIT" means, 1. The vital principle or animating force within living beings, Incorporeal consciousness. There are about twelve more elaborations mostly to do with various religious implications.

The definition of "RELIGION" means, 1. Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe, 2. A set of beliefs, values and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader.

Thus, based on these common interpretations of how things 'ARE', many paradoxes are created. The resultant effect is confusion and un-wellness. The Truth, as Carl Jung and others have carefully worded in their writing, is this: Every Thing in the universe is Energy and Consciousness. How anyone thinks or feels about that Fact cannot change it. The purpose of All religions is the recognition that humans have a part of themselves that is not physical and there is a need to explore and experience this aspect of themselves. Part of the intent is to discover one's purpose and to live in the best way possible, part of that goal also includes the attainment of Truth and Spiritual Wellness. However, the result with regard to our Spiritual health has been an abysmal failure. If the most important aspect of our being is our Spiritual self, it is a miracle we have existed this long.

Currently, many churches are in a state of extreme confusion in an attempt to avoid accepting the Truth. The greatest struggle is how to incorporate all the now known knowledge and assimilate it into their dogma and theology. The problem is the impossibility of reconciling the obvious flaws in most theology and doctrine. The obvious shortcomings and how political and nationalistic and other special interests and agendas have resulted in a history filled with disappointment and tragedy.

The majority of ministers and individuals who have spent a lifetime in religious practice have never had a Spiritual Experience, or if they had a Spiritual Experience they were unable to accept it for what it was-thus its significance was lost. For many having a Spiritual Experience has only created confusion, because if they told anyone, they would be considered weird, psychotic, or hallucinating. How tragic-as we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, and we are Human Beings having Spiritual Experiences. Churches are full of believers and few knowers. In speaking with one minister, I asked him what would happen if one Sunday morning he got up before his congregation and told them the "Truth." I was not surprised when his response was, "I would be gone before daybreak, I have to tell them what they want to hear."

It is interesting to note that even today most people, including psychiatrists have never heard of the most brilliant early pioneer in modern psychiatry, William James, of the late 1800's. Dr. James was about a hundred years ahead of his time. This world-renowned lecturer and noted authority ruffled more than a few feathers when he stated, "In our western civilization, the cause of our greatest psychological problems is Religion".

God according to many, while perceived by religious teachings, as the creator and builder of the universe and the ultimate controller of all things, is also seen as being something very distant or external. The single conscious revelation by Christ and other Masters was the realization that this is not the case. The Knowing that came into full realization was the understanding that everyone and everything was a part of the whole. As this became an Awareness also came the experiencing of the very essence of God or Creator and of what we refer to as Love. In ordinary human terms and understanding the magnitude of this Love was the sheer enormity of it and its ability to transcend all things.

For those who have never had this experience, imagine the time when you have felt the highest Love you have ever experienced magnified millions of times and it will probably not even come close. Understanding the divinity in all things and the interconnected consciousness is the path to all healing and wellness.

In many cultures it has always been thought and/or known that we are spiritual beings, the biggest exception is in our western industrialized cultures that we are people who happen to have a soul. The most beautiful and simple interpretation of how everything 'IS' can be found in the Native American tradition. "Everything in the universe is Spirit, each thing in it is of the same Spirit and it is all Connected." This is exactly what we are beginning to understand in science and quantum physics, that everything in the universe is made of the same thing and has a consciousness about it. The two things that frustrate scientists the most is the fact that all these things operate across time, space and dimensions they do not yet understand, and the ability of things to operate on inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional levels.

A high degree of new understanding about the science and physics of what spiritual really means is now mostly coming from independent researchers. High-tech and aerospace research physicists and scientists, all seem to have a more concise and accurate understanding of Spirit and the Spiritual than those from a theological background.

Let us look at-The Reality and The Truth of Spirit

In plain language, There is only One God or Universal Energy that Is Everything. There is only One Consciousness. We are only one individuated expression of The One. All the dogma, theology and religious beliefs anyone chooses to pile on this truth is commonly referred to as bull. It is the lack of true knowledge and the application of these distortions, which have been the source of all the problems. Spirit is alive, it is something that is lived and experienced, the surest way to destroy or suppress it is to organize it and institutionalize it.

My Spiritual journey has led me to many experiences such as: Being in contact with Angelic Beings; The acquisition of the gifts of Clairvoyance, (the ability to see soul energy and spiritual beings), Clairaudience, (the ability to hear Angelic Beings), practicing Empathic and Psychic Abilities with others, Conscious Astral Travel. These Spiritual Experiences have taught me: Everything we think or feel affects oneself and others. We need to realize every feeling such as anger, fear, hate etc., are mind generated emotions and need to be modified or eliminated, one of our hardest Religious based habits to let go is that of Judgment and it is imperative that we do so.

Anyone can accomplish an extremely beneficial start by concentrating only on the Spiritual aspects, the emotions of Love, Compassion and purity of Intent and Purpose. The Truth is: Only Love is Real-all else is created in the ego mind and becomes a false reality. In every situation where "I" and "ME" become the central thought and focus, begin realizing this as the mind driven Ego blocking the True Spirit of yourself and everything in the universe. No matter what you think about anything, how does it feel in your Heart, if it is not coming from Love let it go. In this modern material world filled with cynicism and disbelief, Begin To Know This Universe Is Full Of Real Mystery And Magic beyond your wildest imagination. All that is required to access these aspects is to do all things with compassion, good intent and with unconditional Love. These few steps sound very simplistic and trite yet contained within, in their simplicity, lies the keys to unlocking the universe and to discovering the Real Reality.

If you derive one bit of knowledge from this article, savor this crucial information. There are only two types of individuals in this world, the ones who want to stay and those who want to leave. The ones who are determined to leave have already set the process in stone and cannot be interfered with. The ones who want to stay and are having problems can affect dramatic changes by addressing the body, mind and spiritual energy patterns and consciousness.

The bottom line for many concerning their Health and Well-Being in their present existence is much affected by two factions, Doctors and Ministers. Doctors are trained as mechanics who work on the physical mechanism. They are in the Business of Treatment, they are Not Trained in the "Art of Healing". Most do not even understand the most rudimentary concepts of Healing. Most do not realize how they can produce damage and even induce death sentences on their patients.

There is little difference in the effects produced by an intentional damaging curse or a prayer prayed improperly, bad advice or simply some random negative thought. Ministers are trained in traditional theosophical dogmatic perceptions specific to the cultural religious views they ascribe to. Most people have little concept about True Spirituality or how the universe really operates. As a consequence they convey misinformation, half-truths, superstitions and fears along with a multitude of associated damaging information into a person's consciousness. The result of which is Confusion and Paradox-which leads to distress, disease and un-wellness.

The suggestion regarding a strictly religious approach would be to make a serious effort to study each and every one of them thoroughly and in depth. The result will be absolutely amazing when one discovers each and everyone of them are all talking about the Same Thing, only from their own unique perspective. Real enlightenment develops as the understanding for each reveals they are only methods and techniques. Considering what the public is receiving from so many sources, Bad Information is Bad Information and Incorrect Information is still Incorrect Information, no matter how well intentioned.

Contrary to popular beliefs, true spirituality requires one hundred sixty-eight hours a week not one. Every moment counts-The Four Agreements

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD specializes in: Mind, Body, Spirit healing for Individuals, Special Issues and Professional Coaching. As an inspirational leader, Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life's challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

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