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Bringing Heaven to Earth: Becoming a Spiritual Scientist

Would you like an exciting and wonder-full resolution for the new year? Become a spiritual scientist. Choose to learn the skills of self-mastery, so you can shift out of story-based reality and cocreate your personal heaven on earth.

As the world's of science and spirituality merge our quantum brothers and sisters are saying what mystics for centuries have proposed ? life is not what it seems. The reality that you think you experience every day is simply a facade ? like the fake western town built as a backdrop in movies. You create this facade by assigning meaning to what you perceive. You make up stories or meaning to circumstances and situations and your emotions become addicted to certain stimuli. If you haven't had your 'fix' in awhile, you will create a situation, in your inner or outer world, that produces that emotional response - even if it's painful!

Wait, there's hope! You can create an entirely different response inside and change your reality. How?

Let me explain...

It took me many years to wake up to this phenomenon. I, like you, perpetuated my hurts, disappointments, and fears day in and day out thinking, "Is this all there is? Why am I experiencing this again?" It wasn't until I choose to shift my point of view and see my life and myself from my inner compassionate observer that I moved out of the delusions of fear. Taking baby steps I began to un attach myself from my habitual drama/trauma responses. Slowly I experienced a whole new me that I didn't know existed. Soon I was cocreating a happy, and fulfilling life.

The ability to move off the drama/trauma playing field and live on the divine cocreation playing field requires you to become a spiritual scientist in your life. As a student, teacher, facilitator, coach and counselor of spiritual science for many years I know that choosing to pull ourselves out of slumber is not always a pleasant experience. But the alternative is a numbed out, lifeless personal hell.

My definition of a Spiritual Scientist is one who observes through the eyes of soul how to work masterfully with the human reactive nature, apply the learning to their life and cocreate heaven on earth.

Becoming a Spiritual Scientist establishes your divinity as a major player, not a back seat driver. When you have your wisdom, truth, clarity and loving directing your reality, the very best of life that is for you comes your way. You cocreate your life with authentic empowerment and in partnership with your divinity. The results are heaven on earth.

Each month I will present spiritual power tools to uplift, heal, shift and inspire you. These practical spiritual abilities require a shift in perception - letting go of old beliefs, fears and conditioning and expanding into the divine self.

The old beliefs do not give up easily. Have you noticed how tenacious you hold on to being right? How much you want to control people and circumstances around you? Have you observed when those habitual headaches, backaches or anxiety attacks happen? Has your personal sense of safety just been threatened?

Imagine for a moment that you could be free of nagging self-doubt, fears, worries or judgments? What if you could:

1. Use everything for learning, growth and awareness

2. Look for the good in all people and situations

3. Work masterfully with the human nature

4. Live in the present with intention

5. Take full responsibility for everything in your life

6. Develop multidimensional awareness as a divine being

Your divine self holds the keys to a personal portable paradise within - an experience of lasting peace, loving and joy. Where is this divine self? Take in a deep breath - now let it go. Your divinity is as close as that breath. Your choice is as easy as breathing in - and breathing out. Here's a simple practice for the first month of 2005. Several times a day, take in a deep breath and say inside,'I'm breathing in the presence of my divine self." Then let it go and affirm your choice to wake up to your personal heaven.

I invite you to take this journey. Step into your birthright as a cocreator with God. Your magnificence is waiting.

Rebecca Skeele holds a MA in Spiritual Counseling and MSS in Spiritual Science. She has been working with individuals and groups since 1990 assisting them to shift out of their story-based reality. She is the author of You Can Make It Heaven: How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Loving.

Her new course, Becoming a Spiritual Scientist: A Course for Cocreators is available for study by spiritual organizations. Please visit Rebecca at if you are interested in having her present her unique approach to shifting into cocreating heaven to your group.

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