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Politics, Environmental Rules, and Mobile Car Washes

During the California Recall Election, I was very interested. Without getting into the political scene at all; my entire company, The Car Wash Guys, and all our staff and franchisees were closely watching The California Recall and Election. Why you say? Why would a National Car Wash Franchising Company care much? Well we have some friends of past days who were very much involved there. See some of these articles and find out how we were assisted in our early company years by Mr. Tom McClintock (Rep) of California who was running a very close third in the election with the fastest moving up numbers in the polls. We all wondered would it be The Terminator just like in the movies? Arnold Schwarznegger, who promises to terminate bureaucracy or will it be Mr. Tom McClintock? We did not believe that California will choose more of the same regime or elect Mr. Bustamonte. Tom McClintock's assistance to our company when we were the smallest of small businesses helped us from bureaucracy and un-ethical competition. To this day he continues his ideals and does not waiver on issues.

On March 6, 1991, Tom McClintock wrote a letter to the Regional Water Quality Control Board in CA to help save the Car Wash Guys when a group competing car washes which had complained about our company to a local city government and tried to put us out of business. We were better than them and the customers were showing their support as they voted with their dollars. One of the members of the local competing Car Wash Groups was also on the board of directors of the International Car Wash Association. Even back then we were tough in the market place, as the customers loved us and the competition hated us. Thus we were caught up in the system and learned a whole lot about politics.

This letter from Tom McClintock was one of the reasons we won our case. Tom McClintock understands small business, free enterprise and what makes America and the Great State of California so good.

This letter was returned to the City Council from the Head of the Regional Water Quality Control Board in charge of all nine regions, after pressure from Tom McClintock and his staff and we were to continue to build the Car Wash Guys into the Number One Mobile Car Wash Franchise on the Planet.

We were allowed to do a huge car wash fundraiser for that community while the battle went on.

We finally won, due in part to the above and beyond the call of duty efforts of Mr. Tom McClintock. We think he would have made a fine Governor, he clearly is still walking the talk in California and he did not give up on our fight. We know he is no quitter. We also know the history of Arnold schwarznegger another American Story. We support him of course and are very glad he won. We need leadership in California and we are certainly proud of Mr. Tom McClintock, who still serves Californians today.

For more information on Car Wash Guys incredible rise to power click here:

We are glad to have Arnold as the Governator indeed and equally happy for the process and the intellectual debate led by Tom McClintock. We need more people like him in our local, state and Federal Legislatures to maintain the public good. The moral of the story is, that there are indeed a few good men and we are still looking for a few more to lead mankind in the forward progression to future periods. Think on this.

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