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DMOZ - Is it Still Worth the Submission Time?

DMOZ is known all over the internet as being the largest open source directory online, but is it really worth your time and effort to try to get your website listed in their directory?

You must remember when submitting your website to DMOZ that this directory is one of the human powered directories which means that a person must go over your submission, your website, and determine if your website is worthy of being in the directory from their own standpoint of view. All of the editors at DMOZ are volunteers just like you and me that have applied to become editors and reviewers in their special field of interest.

It does not cost to have your site listed in DMOZ, so that is a plus, but they do have certain standards that they expect but once again the volunteers are just people and they must also stick to these high standards to ensure that DMOZ keeps its high regard for submissions.

DMOZ wants to achieve a high quality, content rich resource in which the general public will consider useful and indispensable. DMOZ expects their editors and reviewers to keep this high standard and only allow websites with original, unique and valuable informational content that contributes something unique to the category's subject. So, before you submit your website go over this check list to ensure you have the type of website they include and then remember the rest is up to the editors and reviewers.

1. Do not submit websites that have identical content but have different URL's.

2. Do not submit websites that have similar content to another website you already have listed in DMOZ.

3. Do not submit your URL with each page as a separate submission.

4. Do not submit websites that have pages that are not working properly, are under construction, have broken graphics, or broken links, or are redirecting to another website.

5. Do not submit websites with illegal content such as child pornography, libel, fraud, or violence.

6. Do not submit websites that are just a bunch of links to affiliate programs.

None of this will ensure your inclusion into the DMOZ directory but it will help. The wait to get into DMOZ can be a very long wait if indeed you are ever included.

I would not submit to DMOZ and then wait around for something magical to happen. DMOZ is not the only directory out there. I would submit and then forget about it. Submit to all the directories you can and do not worry if DMOZ does not include your website. I believe having your website listed in the major search engines is much more important than a link back from DMOZ. It would be nice to find your website in the DMOZ directory, but you are relying on the integrity of the volunteer editors and reviewers which have their own opinions as to what makes up a quality website. If your website meets the criteria of DMOZ and you do in fact get an editor that agrees with these standards then you will be lucky enough to have your website included.

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