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With the Rise of Internet Crimes, Users are Turning to High-Tech ?PI?s? for Solutions

High-tech private investigators are becoming the answer for many Internet users who have been victimized online. The use of e-mail by that unethical element lurking in cyberspace rings all too common these days. With law enforcement agencies overwhelmed and under trained to address these issues, victims have often been left to deal with them on their own.

Frustrated, powerless, even scared, many people have turned to InfoPursuit, a California based private investigative firm, for assistance. The fact that they employ experts trained in the specialized field of e-mail tracing and Internet-based investigations makes them unique. They take pride in being able to uncloak the seemingly anonymous sender by tracing e-mail back to its source.

"We have a highly skilled staff, most of which have former law enforcement experience," says Jeff Duggan, Director of Services at InfoPursuit. "The e-mail tracing techniques we employ are on the cutting edge and have proven effective in resolving the unknown, the identity of the sender." This online based firm hosts a Website at, detailing the various services offered.

More and more people everyday find themselves on the receiving end of some type of threatening or harassing e-mail. Cyberstalking, online bullying, and e-mail fraud schemes have created a very disturbing and volatile environment for a vast number of users. With e-mail becoming a household term, people today are using the Internet as their primary means for communication. The need to trace malicious e-mail is increasing.

InfoPursuit's ability to trace e-mail messages and track down these Cyber-terrorists has brought relief to many. Vicki Hansen, a former student who relied heavily on the Internet, is an example of someone who found resolution through InfoPursuit. "They were able to trace an e-mail message for me and identify the harassing sender who was using a free e-mail service," says Hansen. "I first went to the police and the only advice they gave me was to turn my computer off." Like Vicki Hansen, many students and professionals alike depend on these technologies daily. For that reason, they just do not have the ability to turn off the computer in hopes of the problem disappearing. Now they don't have to.

If you are experiencing a problem with someone on the Internet or would like more information on the e-mail tracing services offered by InfoPursuit, contact Jeff Duggan or visit their Website at Some of the other services offered in addition to tracing e-mail are Internet profiling, people finder searches, personal background checks, criminal record searches, and business checks.

InfoPursuit was established in 2002 and currently serves clients worldwide. They have assisted individuals, businesses and law enforcement agencies with high-tech investigations.


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