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Website Security - Creating a Bulletproof Site in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to a secure website and passwords it is all in your hands to create a password that a hacker simply cannot crack. However, this will require that you be creative and use everything at your fingertips to create the strongest password possible for a secure web site.

Tip #1 - Use All Spaces

No matter how many characters are available for your password you should be sure to use every one of them. The more characters available for your password and the more you use makes it that much harder to figure out the combination. Always make use of all characters available for a strong and secure password.

Tip #2 - Obscure not Obvious

Personal information such as names, birthdays, nicknames, pet's names, social security numbers, and the like should never, ever, ever be used because these are way too obvious and too easy to crack. The more you avoid using things like this as your passwords, the more secure your login areas will be.

Tip #3 - Non-Alphabet

Never use just the alphabet to create your password. If you include numbers, hyphens, dashes, and other symbols or characters, you will have a more secure password which is increasingly harder to crack with every different symbol or number you add.

Tip #4 - Don't Write Your Password

This tip you should already know, but once you have created your super secure password to protect your website, commit it to memory, never share it with anyone, and never, ever write it down. No matter how secure you think the location is, if you write the password down you are decreasing the security of your website.

Tip #5 - Case

Also, make sure you use upper case as well as lowercase in your password if the password is case sensitive. This will add even more variables to your password that will increase security.

Tip #6 - Create a Word

You do not have to use a word that already exists, you can actually create your own word with a mixture of numbers, cases, and symbols and before you know it you will have a secure password that nobody can crack!

Tip #7 - Multiple Passwords

As tempting as it might be to use only one password for all of your web sites logins you should never ever do this. To maintain security at all website logins you should create a special system for creating passwords on different sites and stick to that system. This way, you'll always know the passwords but they will differ from site to site.

Tip #8 - Logout

Always logout! For some reason people think when they have finished their business they can just continue on about the Internet without logging out. This decreases your security level and if you are logged in anyone can access your account. Because of this you should always logout.

Tip #9 - Close the Browser

TO be even more sure that your password and personal information are protected you should always close your browser. This is the safest practice and one you should always engage in.

Tip #10 - Manage Your Passwords

If you have problems managing all of your passwords or remembering them, consider using a password manager. This will help you keep your login information safe and secure without having to remember all of the difficult passwords you created.

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