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Handling Objections


Sales presentation is not always going to be plain sailing. You must expect objections. The important thing is to know this and be prepared to deal with them. Welcome them as sign of interest which can be turned to your advantage.

Most of the objections we come across will arise from

1. The Customer having insufficient information.
2. The Customer's particular circumstances.
3. Opinion of friends and relatives.
4. Price and running cost.
5. Colour, size, and style.
6. Procrastination.

Never avoid or argue an objections. To Customers it is a valid point that they raised and they will expect it to be dealt with a courteous and helpful manner. Don't get into argument because that will antagonise your customer and destroy your relationship. Do answer their objections as fully as necessary before continuing your presentation. Expect objections to be raised. If you do them they will not come as a surprise and you will be prepared to handle them. Over come objections using facts and demonstrations.

1. Listen to objections.
2. Repeat the objections.
3. Restate the objections with emphasis.

If you listen carefully to customer's objection you will avoid any misunderstanding, and if you repeat it to the customer it will show you have fully understood what they said. This implies that you are concerned with their problem. When you restate their objection with emphasis this tends to diminish the objection while getting agreement that there is nothing which is worrying them and you can use your knowledge and understanding to overcome the problem.

People object because they are unsure that what you are offering is really going to satisfy their problem. They are objecting because they need more information. So you have to build a trust before you can do anything. So start to build a relationship and break the barriers between you and the customer. Once you do that customer will feel comfortable to do business with you.

There are many kinds of objections

1. I am happier with my current provider.
2. I am not interested.
3. Ring me after few weeks.
4. Send me more information.
5. I don't need it.

The list is endless.

You should write down all the common ones you experience in your every day life. By doing so you will be able to pin point the major objections to your products or services and act on the answers accordingly.

If the Customer says "I will have to think about it"

Say to the Customer
I can appreciate that you would like to think it over, what it says to me is that you are interested. I just want to make sure whether I have explained everything properly. Would you mind telling me which particular aspect you would like to think about.

When a customer objects He or She is really saying I am interested or I need help.

If the Customer says "I can't afford it"

Say to the customer
I do understand what you mean. We can sit together and find a solution that may suit your budget. If the customer does not want to sit down with you, he is having you on or genuinely not prepared to commit himself due to financial situations. Ask Questions to deal with Objections.

Winston Saga is one of the world's leading sales legends. He is also the CEO of Sales and Motivation International. Winston has been acknowledged as a unique and distinctive authority in the field of sales and personal development. Last year International Biography Centre selected him ''International Man of the Year'' for his outstanding contribution to sales and Service. He has written 100's of articles to magazine, journals and websites.

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