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Attention Owners of Food Related Businesses: How to Get Publicity Any Time You Want

Attention: Who Else Wants To Get Publicity Whenever You Want It?

Publicity is when newspapers, radio shows, television shows, magazines, internet radio or pod casts want to feature you. Advertising is something you pay for. While the audience may not be able to tell the difference, but your bank account will. There are also ways to pay for publicity placements. This is not a scam. There are companies that have such good connections they are able to create the placements anytime they want and its worth the price. You can pick the magazines you want to be placed in, they work it out and you pay when the placement is complete. With proper preparation, you can document your results and maximize each appearance.

Publicity is often a matter of timing. You can get publicity during the slow holiday times. There just is not as much new going on. Look at all the holidays coming up and plan to get your news release out in time for each of them. Create a plan to know when reporters are on deadline so that you are NOT calling them at that time. Create a verbal pitch that can really work, sound and act professional. Sometimes people want to question a media contact as to why their story was not carried. It is not the media's responsibility to critique your information and it is a clear sign inexperience with media. Your story can be bumped by world events or they may have covered your exact topic not long ago and you did not notice. Either way, putting a media contact in the awkward position of having to explain themselves will put you on the avoid list. They will avoid your calls and throw out your news releases. They will think that dealing with you will be troublesome and not worth the story they may get. Media loves people who are easy going and easy to deal with.

Being truly newsworthy is the biggest challenge of all. You may have a good cause, a good reason, a good story , a good business and it may be the right thing to do, but it is truly newsworthy? Is it of interest to the media you are asking to carry the story? Think about it, really stop, and think long about that. Why would this particular media outlet need to carry the story? Are their readers, listeners or viewers the audience you are trying to reach? Are you just sending the story out to anyone? You need to target the media first. Be sure what you are talking about is what their audience needs to know about. Then tell they something they didn't know! Not just your sales prices but real information.

These are the basics to getting publicity anytime you want to.

By Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C. Copyright 2005

Dr. Wright is the host of the Wright Place TV Show and a 2004 Stevie Award Nominee. For a free report: 5 Fast Ways to Get on TV, or visit

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