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What Does Faith Have To Do With Marketing?

No, this isn't going to be a sermon or anything ? don't worry about that! I'm no preacher, so I wouldn't even think of trying; but what I do have is faith in myself and faith in the fact that I can be successful on the internet.

Now, I'm not talking about your regular, everyday take-it-for-granted-because-I-can-do-it" faith in yourself.

I'm talking about the faith in yourself that comes from TRULY KNOWING that you absolutely can and will achieve a goal that you want!!

That kind of faith in yourself is necessary so that you can conquer all the negativity that comes your way in a day. And it doesn't matter where the negativity comes from; it could be from your mother-in-law, your husband, it doesn't matter?as long as you have faith in yourself, you can block that negative energy and divert the danger of it away from yourself.

How, you say?

O.K?. here it comes ? the old cliché ?


It works; believe me, it works. There is so much negative energy in our world today, why would you even want to add to that kind of energy? Because when you add to that (negative) energy, you help to magnify it! That's right, it grows! And why on earth would you want to make more negative energy?!!

That doesn't make much sense, now does it?

Conversely, when you have positive energy flowing, and others around you are doing the same, it also magnifies itself!! Positive energy begets positive energy and in turn, creates lots more smiles. : 0 )

So let's get back to the subject at hand. What does faith have to do with marketing?

Hmm ? good question.

If you are going to market your product or service, here, on the internet, you had better have faith in what you are marketing because if you don't, it's going to show through in your website and advertising and how you are presenting yourself.

If you have faith in yourself, people will see that. They will, in turn, have faith in you also. It's all part of that positive energy begetting positive energy thing I was talking about earlier.

Don't you agree that the person on the receiving end of your website/newsletter/advertisement has to have some faith in you, or they wouldn't linger?

So you see, faith has lots to do with marketing and marketing has lots to do with faith. Pretty simple when you think about it, eh?

So go and think your positive thoughts for today, but don't just think them. I want you to really believe those thoughts, so much so that they become reality for you.

Danielle Sanders - (positive thinker extraordinaire) : O )

P.S. If you really want to accelerate the way you can create those positive thoughts and get want you want in life, then I can't recommend this book enough - "Think and Grow Rich" - in e-book format. (If I could get the rights to GIVE this book away for free, I would give it out to everyone!!) Get it here:

About The Author

Danielle Sanders is the author of "What Does Faith Have To Do With Marketing?" and owner of You can subscribe to Danielle's Newsletter -"Up To Date..."

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