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Number that Decides Your Success

God has created human beings to live successfully. He has no discrimination in this regard.

At the same time he has also created certain resources to live successfully.

Of these "number" is the one resource.

It is the known fact that "numbers" occupy each and every activity of everybody.

He/she is first identified with his/her date of birth, month of birth and year of birth.

When we wake up from the bed, the first thing we notice will be the time, which is the reflection of a "number".

He/she is identified with the help of his house number.

His/her living place of city is identified with zip or pin number.

His/her passport is identified with the number.

His/her vehicle is identified with the number.

His/her bank account is identified with the number.

His/her debit/credit card is identified with the number.

Even the computers are the basis of these numbers that is "0's and 1".

Like this we can go on saying with examples, which are identified with the numbers in our routine life.

So we cannot live in this world without the help of "number".

But how many of us utilize these "numbers" for our welfare and to live successfully.

With the help of this "number" we can identify our exact business partner, life partner, education, job, business, service, etc., in which we can show our excellence, earn and live happily.

No body can be successful, unless he chose his right profession, right education, and right life partner.

Every human being born in this world is influenced by the power of certain "numbers". It is a scientific fact.

Exact profession, education, Friends, Life-partner, can be identified with the help of "number".

If anybody go against to this principle or ignore the "number", they face failure.

Not all the "numbers" are best to all. It differs from person to person.

That "number" alone will definitely direct him to choose his exact business, profession, service, life partner, business partners etc.,

If he chose to go along with the "number", he/she can definitely live successfully in this world.

Not all the people can do writing and make public speech and attract others.

Not all the people show their excellence in the field of engineering and medical.

Not all the people show their excellence in the field of scientific and commission basis business.

Not all the people show their excellence in the accounting, and education field.

Not all the marriages, last long.

Not all the business partners last long.

Not all can become a successful journalist.

Not all can excel in the scientific field.

Only certain people under the influence of a particular "number" can excel in the above fields.

Like this everybody can excel in a particular field with the influence of a certain "number".

If you also wish to identify the "number" which does better to you, and to know your exact business, profession, service, life partner, business partners in which you can excel, please visit my homepage

C.Krishnan, was formerly a Government official in a state government corporation in India.

He has written many articles on motivation, children, parenting, etc.,

Please view more articles in his homepage

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