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Is Timing the Secret of Success?

Success is often viewed as a magic potion. Market demand has always been there, but no-one has worked out the recipe or how to bottle it.

On further investigation the ingredients are not that easy to replicate and include: determination, enthusiasm, perseverance, stamina, hard work and a focus bordering on obsession. Yet there is often one other ingredient that successful people in all walks of life mention - being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes this alone is enough; sometimes without this single ingredient none of the other qualities will count.

Given the importance of this ingredient, how can it be bottled and handed out for the benefit of us all? Whilst success can never be guaranteed, there are tools which can significantly increase the possibility of being in the right place at the right time. Astrology is one of them.

Astrology? What, horoscopes? Is this some kind of joke? No, not at all. Ask yourself why millions of people read their horoscopes, even though the advice they contain is highly generalised and not especially useful. Somewhere deep inside we know that having advance knowledge of the future will enable us to be more effective and to have 'the edge'. Forewarned as they say, is forearmed.

So what is it that astrology can predict and how can it enable you to be in the right place at the right time? Firstly it is a great predictor of trends. The growth of computing, the impact of technology on the film and music industries and the expansion of international travel could all be predicted by astrology. If you can spot a trend in advance, you are well placed to take advantage of it.

Knowing your time, date and place of birth allows you to understand and predict cycles that are unique to you. The natal chart will also reveal the areas of life in which you are most likely to achieve success. This can help ensure that energy is focussed into areas where it will produce the most effective results.

We all spend time developing skills and expertise in our line of work. If motivated, we may also try to develop ourselves in other ways. In the age of the self-help book, there is no shortage of advice and it can be hard to know what to do first and what will be most beneficial. Nothing works for everyone, but spending time wisely is essential. It is your most valuable resource.

Reading your horoscope is not really going to help you, but understanding the underlying principles and learning some basic astrology could be more useful than you think. If time is your most valuable asset and timing is the secret of success, don't dismiss astrology out of hand. It has been used by people in positions of power for centuries.

Whenever a famous person, be they a President or a member of the Royal Family, is known to have consulted an astrologer, the popular press turns them into a laughing stock. All kinds of jokes are made in the media, but the people who use astrology don't really mind. The less people who use it, the more of an advantage they have. When you hold the magic potion in your hand, you really don't mind whether other people believe it or not.

About The Author

Elizabeth White has been practising Astrology for over 15 years and is the author of an introductory Astrology course.

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