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I, Ego, and Power

I: - A vowel that didn't appear in sacerdotal alphabets for which there is little, or should I say not one IOTA of, reason to hold up for personal glorification. The ego is man's greatest hindrance and his competitiveness possesses him like the demons he has created in his IGNORANCE!


Mathematics has a language so pure it cannot lie. Energy has every reason to conform to good mathematical formulae and this is said to be the best way of communicating. Digitized 'bits' are not what it is about; though they are binary math that came from it, and make our computer age possible. In 1650 BC An Egyptian scribe copied something into what is called the Rhind Papyrus. Where it came from is anyone's guess. It includes binary math.

That being said I must confess this particular piece has many things in it that I don't understand. I have read some things related to it but never heard of it in the terminology 'I O Torus'. You can presume that it has merit and that the writer herself doesn't fully understand it either. Or you can judge it as actual fact derived from 'The Table of Destiny' which it may well be through the 'Mark of Qayin'. If she did not include a research project done in France, I would not be moved to include it under this heading or even use the term. I would find other ways to express what I think it is dealing with. It certainly is an exercise to test whether or not the reader has an open mind.

"As I worked on my next book, 'Secret of the Grail', I stared in amazement at the 8,000 year old 'alphabet' before me. Although, I had kept a copy of these strange 'symbols' close to my computer for months now without understanding why, suddenly, in that moment I realized where I had seen these curious geometrical signs before - in the hundreds of crop circle photographs that I had examined over the years." (1)

The work of Marija Gimbutas is probably what led to her language that she is calling the 'Ea ANNA' script. 'Ea' is Greek for 'of' and 'de' and rather than her name it may relate to the De Danaan, whether she knows it or not. Gimbutas and others like Richard Rudgely who wrote 'Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age' call it Old European. She (DeAnna) appears bent on the figurines that look like 'grey' aliens. The epistemic art background of these and other amorphous figures has little to do with aliens and may have something to do with human auras, or just representational art. The Tartessus use of a language reported by Strabo seems at least 1,000 years older than this dating, but the halls of academia want more proof. The Saharan alphabet is from the same period. The roots of all language include divinatory math such as will be contemplated in her article; but language had a sign language root and chanting spiritual root that we shall explore under Ogham. It would appear likely that there is a human type race (Mungo Man or even older ones) that co-existed with Homo sapiens and taught them some of these early language or communication tools. It is quite likely that the de Danaan were some of their students or even possible they were these ancient hominids.

As to the alien Mars root of humanity I am not inclined as yet to buy it. The recent discovery of water on Mars and life in meteoric material from Mars may buffet these claims. Anything is possible, but I prefer to look for answers that are constructed with step by step logic.

"Furthermore, as incredulous as it seemed, I remembered that in 'The McDaniel Report', Professor Stanley McDaniel carefully and painstakingly details the curious 'markings' seen on the computer enhancements of the Mars 'Face' - strange markings immediately recognizable in the language that I named the EA ANNA Script for the 'House of ANNA.' {A second set of photos of the 'Mars Face' in closer definition show no face but a rectangular base that Mars origin enthusiasts are now focused upon. The 'face' is NOT a FACE and it was nice of NASA to task subsequent flights to address the concerns of people.}

In other words, here was a 'mathematical' language carbon dated at 8,000 years old (possibly 500 million years old according to one researcher), an ancient language comprised of strange symbols that reminded me of various Native American signs. In fact, the small dots and bi-lines, obvious mathematical symbols possibly representing the Power's of one, two, three, etc., could be found in the Mayan numerical system. I also realized that although particular carbon dating methods could be called into question, the fact was that perhaps hundreds of thousands of the figurines of the Great Mother Goddess as Creator of Mankind were inscribed with these geometrical designs. {I have seen evidence to draw the beginning of the connection between Old European markings in Gimbutas's book 'Language of the Goddess' that allows this correlation with Mayan.}...

Although the first language on Earth is considered to be Sumerian, this enigmatic alphabet was irrefutably dated at least 2,000 years older. {Rudgely says it was accepted as an alphabet until the dating showed it was 2,000 years older. Then they called it 'notation' or tallies. He correctly decries the lack of integrity that alters facts to fit prevailing theories, and gives many examples of this phenomenon [ego?]. He is an Oxford trained expert in art history as it applies to archaeology.} A startling revelation that indicates that rather than ancient civilizations migrating from east to west, from Mesopotamia as previously believed, {There are many scholars since the early 70s who have given this perception a rude going over from all points of reference, especially engineering and the social structure of adepthoods around Stonehenge, etc.} these peacefully co-existing societies migrated from old Europe {Where the Keltic god DANA and DN=Don and Danube, as well as DNN=Danaan or Homer's Denians.} to the Middle East. This also explained why the Mother Goddess worshipped by all ancient civilizations, including the Hopi who still revere her as the Snake Mother {The 'serpent' in the Milky Way and the cosmology of many observers of the heavens.} who came to Earth to create mankind {A reason why when the 'snake' didn't touch the Earth in the heavens that the Inca people knew a momentous change was about to occur. This is a part of the TV documentary I mentioned earlier in reference to the Inca.}, is still recognized as AN or ANNA in Ireland and Scotland, whereas in the Middle East, the early northern semites had altered the female name of AN or ANU to that of a male 'god'. At the same time, Sumerologists have acknowledged a fact that has been largely suppressed; a distinctly female language existed in Sumer. This language was used exclusively for sacred purposes much as the strange markings in the EA ANNA script were inscribed exclusively on female figurines of the 'Mother'?

At the same time, in order to understand the Mars mystery, it is absolutely crucial to examine the major difference between ancient civilizations that practiced a loosely defined 'religion' of nature and traditional religions of today that worship a male 'god'. While the earliest civilizations honored the Mother as Creator, through elaborate ceremonies associated with the cycles of seasons, offering gifts of food and flowers, traditional religions rake in billions of tax free dollars, much of it traceable to gun running, drug trafficking and money laundering operations. Goddess 'worshipping' (a term not used until the 16th century) civilizations believed in freedom of choice; the importance of self-experience and that it was possible to communicate directly with a higher source {Do you think a son of the 'arch-tecton' family of David and Solomon was raised as an intellectual Essene or 'Therapeutae' to know this and other things?=Jesus.}. Therefore, it was not necessary to communicate through an intermediary such as a priest, rabbi or minister; consequently, love was more important than power {The 'living father within' and 'We are all the children of God' (YHVH). of Jesus.}. A far cry from today's power structures that are directly involved in suppressing the individual right of freedom of choice and the slow erosion of our constitutional rights {And a reason for the treatment of the 'money-changers' in the Temple [of the Sadducees] by Jesus.}...

Is it possible, that as the evolution of humanity took place, these curious symbols were originally a 'telepathic' language used as a means of communication between humans and deities that were extraterrestrial in origin {Or advanced hominids like the Mungo Man}? Indeed, two EA ANNA script symbols in particular strongly suggest that this is the case - the I (a line) and the O (dot or circle).

As nanotechnologist, B. C. Crandall told us, the 'I' and the 'O' somehow accesses 'memory', or possibly a higher intelligence. When a particular molecule in the eye sees, reads or writes these two binary figures. Much as the computer is programmed, the I and O were used to open and close memory. Neurologists also acknowledge that the geometric symbols in the Crop Circles are called 'Antopitic' forms. These forms vary between people but this sacred geometry is seen in the early stages of meditation. Then, as the 'hyperdimensional' brain of the individual goes deeper into altered states of consciousness, these geometric forms mix with the familiar forms of everyday life?


The I O Torus

In order to discuss certain ideas which go beyond the bounds of three-dimensions, physicists and mathematicians have developed concepts such as hyper-cubes and hyper-spheres. While we can draw a three dimensional sphere or a cube on a two dimensional surface, the drawing can only show one view of the object, no matter how we turn the two dimensional drawing. We can make three dimensional models and two dimensional drawings of hyper-dimensional objects, but there is never enough room in two or three dimensions to show what the full hyper-dimensional object really looks like.

In a reflexive universe, Arthur Young writes, 'the formula for the volume of the Einstein-Eddington universe, the so-called hypersphere, is 2 R,' this is the same as the volume of the I O Torus with an infinitely small hole! From this, we see that there is a strong mathematical relationship between an I O Torus (a three dimensional object) and a hyper-sphere (a hyper-dimensional object). The I O Torus, a symbol that relates to hyperdimensional physics is also capable of two kinds of rotation {Remember the high spin atomic entry}. It can rotate about its central axis and it can turn through itself.

To understand what the I O Torus looks like, imagine an eliptical shaped 'smoke-ring' or donut, the 'line' of light (or space as the I, in the script) passing through the center of the circle describes it best. This 'I' or line of 'energy' passing through the center of the circle has a positive pole and a negative pole, furthermore, additional research may prove that the 'I' and the 'O' in the EA ANNA scripts represent, in physics terms the wave and the particle.

The I O Torus may also explain, why an extraordinary experiment performed by Alain Aspect's team of scientists in Paris has been virtually ignored. Aspect's team brilliantly confirmed quantum theory, the study of matter at the subatomic level, which proved one of the following possibilities: either objective reality does not exist and it is meaningless for us to speak of things or objects as having any reality beyond the mind of an observer, or else faster than light communication {This, before NEC showed 300 X light speed last year.} with the future and the past is possible. These are not hypothetical assertions. According to Aspect's confirmed theory, at least one of the two above options must now be accepted as fact. Thus the I O Torus may provide the key to faster than light communication with the future and the past, perhaps as it opens and closes memory, as well as the key to 'free energy' or cold nuclear fusion. This may be the reason the northern Semites (early Hebrews) and the early Romans erased every trace of the original symbol for the Torus. {We will prove a connection of the Bruttii and sons of Aeneas that founded both England and Rome later.} The 'Torus' symbol was altered, not only by the northern Semites, but by the Egyptians {The symbol of the bee in Egypt and Crete to Miletus/Phocaea will show a trail with massive money that makes sense of all of history up to Napoleon who was made Holy Roman Emperor with a bee festooned robe as he took the crown from the Pope and placed it on his own head.}, into a circle with a cross in the middle {The 'rosae crucis' symbol.}, a hieroglyph used to describe 'place' or the 'city'.

As my research continued into the EA ANNA script, I soon discovered that various goddess worshipping civilizations had protected the secrets of this particular mathematical language. In the beginning, I found the EA ANNA mathematical symbols in the Sacred Geometry {Golden Section of Masonry} associated with the Brotherhood of Pythagoras {see Croton entry}, an organization that honored Nature and revered the Mother as Creator. I also recognized the EA ANNA script in the cipher code of the Knights Templar, a secretive organization that evidence reveals was an off shoot of the Pythagorean Brotherhood after they were virtually eliminated {Incorporated into a new larger theme.} by the early Romans." (2)

She continues to develop partial understandings of the Templar/Mason and Bilderberg 'octopus' without knowledge of key players like the Illuminati of Weisthaupt, Hibernians and Cecil Rhodes or the Merovingians. She has a bent to develop or add-on to the alien theory of the Christian Mystery Schools and myth-makers which is taking her judgement way away from obvious things that are readily provable. However, she is on a course of truth in the area of science and such things as anti-gravity and time.

In 1966, Dr. Carroll Quigley, a professor of history at the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University and an employee of the Tri-Lateral Commission who informed or blew the whistle on them; published a 1311 page book called Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time. On page 950 he says: "There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960's, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments... my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known... because the American branch of this organization (sometimes called the "Eastern Establishment") has played a very significant role in the history of the United States in the last generation."

Author of Diverse Druids

Columnist for The ES Press Magazine

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