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Valentines Day Love Letter - The Best And Most Romantic Gift Is Also The Least Expensive!

You don't have to spend a fortune this Valentine's Day to show your partner that you love them!

One of the most romantic, creative and inexpensive gifts you can give your partner this Valentine's Day is a heartfelt love letter, written from the bottom of your heart!

A heartfelt letter from a man can mean so much more to a woman than just a bunch of roses, box of chocolates or a piece of jewelry.

However, most men feel challenged when it comes to expressing their love in words, especially in writing.

But, with a little help, every man can write a love letter that is sure to move their partner to tears.

You can write a breakthrough love letter by following these 6 simple steps:

1. Remember, There Are No Rules In A Love Letter - A love letter is an intimate conversation between two people and there are no rules to be abided by. Yes, do watch for spelling errors, but do not get caught up in getting the letter right.

2. Collect Your Thoughts ? Take some time to think about what you want to say before you start writing. Focus on only one or two ideas in your letter; this reduces the chances of feeling overwhelmed.

3. Overcoming Writer's Block - For most people, the difficulty in letter-writing is the start and the close. You don't have to write the letter in a linear fashion. Write the part that comes to you first. You can always go back and complete the other sections later. Never feel that you have nothing to write about, as the simplest things can make a great letter.

4. Write From Your Heart - Be personal, be yourself. Fill your letter with life. Let your letters be as if you were there talking to your partner face to face. Tell her how much you love her and why.

5. Surprise Your Partner - Surprise your partner by sharing something very intimate with her, that maybe you didn't express in the past. Talk about something very unique about her that you cherish.

6. Make An Offer She Cannot Refuse - Offer to do something that you know will make her really, really happy. It doesn't have to be in the form of an expensive gift. It could be as simple as making dinner or giving her a massage, but the key is for you to focus on her 100% and give her your undivided attention.

A love letter written using the above steps is sure to be cherished, saved and read many times over, for many years to come!

Write a love letter this Valentine's Day that is timeless and everlasting!

Vijay Kannan is the founder and president of

At, you can write powerful letters online, in your own words, using breakthrough templates that guide you and make every letter special and unique by adding stationery, fonts and music, in minutes! Click on the link below to view a sample letter created at http://www.breakthrough-lett

Kannan also offers a free, 7-Part e-course on "Letter writing skills to improve communication in relationships and Better Email Communcation" that can be obtained either by visiting their website or sending a blank email to

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