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5 Keys to Understanding Why Your Life (probably) Sucks! #2

In Key Reason #1 we looked at how you are working with outdated beliefs. Reason # 2 gives a clue as to why that might be so.

Your Capability has outstripped your Cope-ability

Have you ever been in a situation where you think to yourself " I just can't cope any more"? Psychologists' and psychiatrists' waiting rooms are full of such people for whom life has become too much.

That is because we choose to live at a level of awareness below that of which we are capable. The reason why people choose that lower level of awareness stems from the belief that they will not be able to cope with the responsibility that would be theirs at the higher levels. And so, a little like the crocodile which raises its eyes just above the water line only to sink below the surface again, they sink down into what they perceive as a safer environment.

But as a human being your inclination is towards wholeness. Your system is geared towards making you whole, or at least as near to whole as possible. Take the example of cutting yourself. Immediately the injury occurs your body swings into action to repair the damage. Eventually your body would heal itself. The extent to which that healing was achieved would depend on the extent of the injury and the treatment you received. But all the stitches and bandages only assist the healing process, they do not achieve it.

A similar situation occurs in the brain. There are a number of recorded instances where a particular area of a person's brain has been damaged and new connections between other parts of the brain have developed naturally, even taking over some, perhaps all of the functions previously exercised by the damaged part.

Or when you make a decision. Faced with a number of options, you will invariably choose the best option available. No one in their right mind looks at the list of achievable possibilities and selects the second best or third best option. Of course, there may well be times when the option chosen turns out not to be the best after all. That does not mean you did not consider it to be the best available option at the time you chose it.

These are just three brief examples to show how your system is geared towards wholeness. However, when you choose to live below the awareness level you are capable of, you actively go against your own inclination towards wholeness.

As a consequence you do not develop the coping skills that only come as you face and work through the issues you are attempting to avoid. Add in the inner conflict that results from you struggling against your natural inclination and you come face to face with the stark reality you are your own worst enemy.

And that is one massive reality to try to cope with!

Graham Hunt is the founder of Prentis Carpenter Center, an organisation established to resource an environment where those people who chose to do so could discover and work towards their potential. One way in which Graham is doing that is through his website Drop by anytime.

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