Maintain your old Siemens Hipath system

Sapphire Tipped UAVs for Midair Collisions to Defeat Enemy UAV Swarm Threats

Defeating enemy UAV Swarms will be a challenge for our Net-Centric Blue Force Team. When our enemy launches 1000 UAVs at our forces in the battlespace, will we be able to shoot them all down? The answer is most likely no. Even if we match each incoming UAV with a rocket intercept response or use a new technology THEL response to focus it's beam individually to take out each UAV, will we achieve our goal? Is the kill ratio an acceptable answer? In other words is it acceptable to admit we will have UAVs, perhaps single mission UAVs get through to our troops, Aircraft Carrier, encampment or political building? What is in those UAVs? Biological threat, C4, lesser explosive or grenade type munitions? The idea of 1000 incoming model airplane size threats at relatively slow speeds, under 100 Knots is a real problem. In a Carrier Battle Group we have capabilities of defending against such things and perhaps could prevail. But what about "Tent City" in Iraq or along the North Korea Border?

I propose Porcelain tip rounds, which once they hit their first target and go right thru it, they then open wings and start circular patterns back to towards the direction fired and swarms direction of movement. Continuing ramming of swarming UAVs and disabling them. These swirling UAV defenders will be within the original rocket round and pop out after first direct hit impact. The wings will fold out from the tube and start raising havoc on the enemy's incoming single mission UAV Swarm. These porcelain tip units will have one job and that is to cause mid air collisions and ram each incoming member of the swarm. In UAV swarm theory UAVs will be controlled autonomously thru directions from individual units of the swarm. Perhaps one in three or one in five or one in 20 UAVs of the swarm will provide information to the rest of the nearby swarm units. As more and more units are taken out, the guiding UAVs of the swarm will be rendered useless and the swarm will be without direction and therefore no longer a threat. The Porcelain Tipped defenders will also have various and very simple EA ? Electronic Attack components and once inside the swarm will attack, ram and electronically disable the UAV swarm, shorting out the units. A few larger EA units might be sent in first or last to either decrease the numbers of the swarm or to mop up after.

There are many advantages to defending in this matter. If the enemy is using their attack in the fire them and forget them mode and watching on radar or satellite as to what is happening, they might be led to assume something other than what just happened. For instance they might assume that there was a catastrophic malfunction with the swarm? They might assume that the swarm found it's target, turned around, crashed or that their systems are giving them a false reading, which adds to the fog of war within the enemy's command and control.

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