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Laying Smart Dust With Smart Munitions

We believe that we need to make the Smart Munitions even smarter and incorporate their decent to the target to include the release of smart dust. We believe this is important as more often than not the battlespace includes urban areas where non-combatants and citizens not involved in the conflict reside. It is important to be all knowing with real time information available to those involved in the net-centric leadership positions.

We believe that with proper launching point from Aircraft along an artificial rim of the top of an hour-glass within a grid of a giant cylinder whose base is 3 times it's upper rim; we can provide a perfect smart dust array grid on and close to the ground.

(BTW; we have drawings similar to the artist's conceptions in Aviation Week and Space Technology when describing and introducing new battlespace EA and Net-centric Systems of Advanced weapon design contractors of this project and concept). The rest of the hard core details are in our minds.

Why use the smart bombs to drop smart dust? Well first for proper scattering onto the battlespace and to prevent duplication and possible failure from UAVs missions. To properly lay smart dust onto the battlespace we must do so in an orderly manner. The other major consideration is cost. Yes believe it or not there is a high cost to modern warfare and we must be able to wage war on the enemy without breaking our bank. If we are going to send in Smart Bombs, which cost significant dollars often worth more than the actual target, then we should get full value for the trip. For instance a house with some International Terrorists in side maybe a legitimate target, however in reality what is it worth? The small structure maybe worth next to nothing, the people inside are about the most worthless people on the planet but the bomb costs $20K and the cost to deliver it? Dropping a single smart weapon counting Fuel (fuel to run the aircraft carrier divided by the number of total bombs dropped), training (divided by the number of sorties the pilots will fly in their career to fulfill their flight contract), Aircraft (divided by the number of total hours flown in it's estimated life, loss ratio, number of hours on that flight, number of other weapons released on that mission), logistical support (crew, their training, routine maintenance, number of hours on that engine before overhaul, travel costs to get there); are all real costs. It is for this reason that a smart munitions weapon is the least of our concerns, however we need accountability in these costs. Because if we ever have a real war, we will need to be able to fight and get a bigger bang for our buck; one way to do this to add an extra component to these smart weapons. We need to make SmarterBombs. We also must pay attention to the ambient and relative weather components, which affect the smart dust.

For proper combination and spreading of smart dust first we pick out a potential cluster of targets for a center of the specific circle region on the ground where we intend to have our "all knowing edge" as starting point. We then get accurate information of the local weather conditions. The center and most important area near the need to know information target area will receive tighter grouping of smart dust sensors. While the areas furthest away will receive fewer, therefore our data availability will be enhanced closer in. Picture a radar screen or the Latitude and longitude lines from the Earth's poles going out ward on a flat plain.

When will the smart dust be released? The Smart dust will be released at between 4000 and 1500 feet AGL depending on the winds aloft, speed and direction as the smart bomb makes it to its target. In areas know for higher wind and have been discovered through GIS satellite data to contain many structures, land features we will need more smart dust sensors in those grids. To insure this is completed correctly we will soot more missiles from the upper rim of the cylinder to the target cluster area rather than try to moderate the flow of smart dust from the missile. This is due to cost, Murphy-ism and potential failure of the additional component of the missile or smart bomb to drop the smart dust, all smart dust on all missiles and flying bombs will fall at the same rate. We will thus drop more bombs or missiles from certain angles to assure that we get the proper number of smart dust sensors in the specific grids needed. Computer modeling and ESRI off the shelf GPS-GIS software along with the satellite data sets will provide all this information prior to engagement. By layering the data sets and stacking the information we can lay down a perfect grid pattern similar to sprinkling the lawn with fertilizer using a hand crank and plastic hand held hopper, but only from the reverse direction.

If you have any questions on this concept to assist in robotic, unmanned, net-centric warfare or questions about the ever changing battlespace contact the World Think Tank.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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