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Computer Game on Mars; Design for Communication Device

Powering up hand held wireless devices in the field for Business Uses, Educational Issues, Monitoring Sensors for Security Purposes or Blue Force Tracking for military troops in the field for net-centric warfare is possible even in the most remote locations can be possible using simple principles which will provide small amounts of energy. There are a few new innovative ways to do this, which appear to have been overlooked. One is to have an inflatable sphere or beach ball with inner reflective skin, which is reflective on the inside, which can take on light waves or UV from the sun or energy in the form of waves that can be sent energy from afar, by chemical laser, regular laser (beach ball would have the reactionary coating and chemical), directional sound waves, microwave, etc.

The inflated sphere would act like a black hole taking in the waves inside and then reflecting them all around in the inside without allowing them to leave. Picture a silver beach ball with a circular section, which is clear on the outside surface facing the incoming energy source. Now picture a cone shaped area protruding from the center towards the clear circular patch on the surface of the beach ball facing the opening. The cone would be pointed outward and as it neared the center it would have a hat shape with a brim reflecting the waves into the center to bounce around and would trap the waves bouncing around within. These waves would bombard each other while hitting them selves and thus retain power and depending on the gas inside increase the molecule interaction inside.

The line holding the inflated sphere ball tethered from the ground would be a power cord, which would have a system to charge 200-300 batteries for the hand held devices. The laser could bean the energy from a plane, satellite vehicle in the distance, ground reflector on a nearby hill facing the balloon and concentrating the beam to the area where the clear round patch was where the waves take in the energy to the center of the ball.

For energy on Mars to charge batteries the ball could be tied down by multiple tethers and a series of these could deliver and store energy. Areas of dust devils many balls could be set up to collect the static energy from the dust devils and store it for battery charging. These units could be set up near a base station for a colony and contribute to it's power supply and help in recharging the batteries of robotic exploring units. Dust storms could also be created fairly easily, especially in areas on the surface of Mars where they are readily prevalent.

Creating dust storms, which would be used for the energy to power up batteries would not be too difficult, as the patterns of wind are predictable in such situations. Studying the patterns of wind and the patterns of erosion on Mars will be much simpler than doing so on Earth with a more complex atmosphere.

The energy created will be used as energy to send data and charge batteries and power for the base station. Small amounts of weather control in simple environments is very practical. As we have read in Creighton's "Prey" the organically modified organisms used the sun to generate energy for them to motivate, assimilate and take on new shapes, this can give us clues as to how best to use what's available for our own needs. It maybe possible to create a perpetual dust devil and have a permanent energy source. The book Prey is not so far off if we consider the possibilities of SmartDust in 20-30 or so years, combined with the mapping and modifying of DNA, RNA, proteins and enzymes. If SmartDust can be controlled using waves of sound, light, UV, heat, etc. An organic system of smart dust particles could be put into a vertical tube structure with a slit opening on one side, which allows in the wind and spins the dust around and around unable to escape due to the direction of travel, the dust would also be forced to stay in the rotating pattern by waves set at a certain frequency to stay within the repeating patterns necessary to retain the SmartDust without allowing to escape the system.

It would not be hard to make this system very light weight and easy to deliver to the planet from Earth. Like wise it would not be difficult to carry such a device in a small kit on the back of an explorer, soldier or survivor.

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