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7 Simple Steps to Avoid Being a Newbie in Online Games

It doesn't matter if you are new to online roleplaying games. The road to becoming elite isn't easily traveled. Some will never reach the top of the hill, but you don't have to remain a newbie forever.

  • Learn everything there is to learn about your chosen game - Head to google or your favorite search engine and type "mymmorpg tips" or "mymmorpg strategies" (substitute mymmorpg for the mmorpg you are currently playing). Surf the various websites and look for the best characters to start with, the best way to make money/gain equipment, and the best pvp/pk tactics.
  • As soon as you load the game for the first time, find out all there is to know about the user Interface and the controls.
  • Don't be afraid to ask people in the general area how to do something in game.
  • Speak to people and create a network of friends - Don't spend too much time with people who don't know anything about the game. The best case scenario would be to find an "elite mentor" that can show you all the ropes. Once you have a large enough network of friends, you can join any game you please and have the best of the best as soon as you start.
  • Don't be afraid to die in player versus player combat or player versus environment- Fear will only halt your progress. Find out if you will drop items or not in your chosen game if you die. If you don't, make sure you embrace every pvp encounter you can.
  • Make sure you have a fast computer and internet connection- If you truly want to compete, you simply can't allow your machine to get in the way. If you constantly lag from a slow internet connection or poor hardware, your just asking to be killed. 56k isn't an option. It's 2005...
  • Don't make excuses! - If there is something you don't know, ask someone. If there is something you are not good at, practice until you master it. Are the controls getting in the way? Customize your controls if you can or buy new hardware that will help(4 button optical mice and various peripherals is a start). Make sure you find out the fastest, most efficient way to make currency in your MMORPG. Making money makes all MMORPGs easier; some more than others.
Using powerleveling services or buying currency is just a shortcut. It's the equivalent of going to college and paying someone to take all of your classes for you. You may have a degree, but you don't know anything. Some people may use this to play a game that they don't have time to play, which is understandable...but don't expect ANY respect for your actions. Don't bother trying to claim to be an elite veteran either. It will only make you look ignorant. In the mean time, keep grinding, keep killing, and do whatever it takes to remove your "newb" status. Make sure you read more articles like these at:

Tayman is the webmaster of He has extensive experience in the IT field and playing various online video games.

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