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Handbag and Purse Trends 2005

Handbags are becoming the most popular fashion accessory on the market. The popularity of handbags (especially in the last year) has taken everyone by storm including handbag manufacturers. There are so many styles and trends available on the market right now and the average woman now owns at least 3 purses. You can make the same outfit look completely different just by changing your handbag. If you are interested in handbags and would like to know the latest styles and trends for this summer, fall and winter, keep reading and you will find out everything you need to know.

These are the latest handbag trends and styles:

  • Big ? Handbags used to be fairly small and you could barely fit all the things you needed in them but the lately the style is the bigger the better. When I say big handbags I mean handbags that look like overnight bags. Big handbags are not only in style because of the way they look but also because they are very practical and you can fit a large amount of stuff in one bag. You can even fit your lunch it in when you go to work. Big handbags are also available with little handbags to go inside or on their own. The smaller versions are great for bars and parties.

  • Colors ? Traditionally blacks, browns and beiges were practically the only color deemed suitable for handbags. Well, that has completely changed over the past few years and handbags are now all about colors. For spring, turquoises and greens are the most popular. For fall it's all about the oranges and reds and for winter it's whites and blues. Black is still classic and very much acceptable, but colors add more personality and flare to your outfit.

  • Fruit Prints ? If you keep up on the latest trends and styles then you will not be surprised to hear that fruit prints are in high demand right now. Many celebrities like Janet Jackson, Hilary Duff and Christina Milian have been seen sporting these prints and the trend has only seen the first glimpse of what is expected to come. Cherries are the most popular fruit prints on the market however apples, strawberries, peaches and many other forms of fruit have also made their mark on many handbag designs.

  • Multiple Prints ? Multiple prints were popular a couple decades ago and are coming back into style as we speak. Multiple prints means a mix of any two (or more) prints, like a zebra print mixed with a leopard print. Individuals who are confident in themselves and who like to be noticed will opt for these types of handbags over all others.

  • Accessories ? A handbag is an accessory in itself, however there are many ways to accessorize handbags as well. Handbags with jewels, buckles, zippers and other added details are very popular right now. Diamonds and other metallic detailing are in high demand as well, possibly from the hype which celebrities create over these types of handbags. A handbag can be easily "spruced up" by adding a few cool accessories.

    Now that you know the latest trends and styles, picking out a handbag will be easy. Just remember it's not all about what's on the inside of the handbag, it's how the handbag looks on the outside that counts.

    Cathy Feldman is an avid purse enthusiast who has more handbags than she can count. She has become complete addicted to name brand bags and enjoys sharing her knowledge as a contributing editor of - a site that offers information about designer purses, leather purses, coach purses and more.

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