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What?s Bugging You?

Some people lure romance to them. Some folks magnetize riches. Others attract bugs. What's the difference?

Consciousness! The third group has "bug consciousness." If you attract more bugs than love and money-at least sometimes-read on!

Forget the Swat Team

Flies flock around you, but steer clear of the person standing next to you. Mosquitoes bite you through gobs of repellent. Yet, there are other times when you forget to apply your protection and mosquitoes leave you alone. What's going on here? What makes some people irresistible to bugs and others immune? Why do mosquitoes have you for lunch one day and leave you alone the next?

Your Vibes Magnetize

To get a clearer picture, let's look at attraction between people. When we meet a group of strangers, how do we tell which people we want to get closer to? We know. We "feel" them. We sense who's relaxed and who's angry, who's happy and who's sad, who's open and who's closed. We are drawn to certain people by the vibration they transmit. Tuning into the state of people's energy is a natural ability all people have.

Bugs have the same innate ability. Insects are magnetized to certain people. Bugs are attracted by the quality of energy people radiate. The pesky pests can detect the emotional state a person is sitting in. And bugs' favorite emotion? Anger, irritation! Bugs adore us when we're feeling bugged! When we're frustrated, we're the nectar du jour.

"Grasshopper," you might exclaim, "you've gone a few jumps too far!" I understand your reaction. I didn't believe this explanation either-at first.

I heard about the dynamics of "bug consciousness" from Eastern masters and shamans. Curious about how this rather bothersome state works in practical terms, I conducted my own research-on myself! While experimenting, I came up with a simple process I call, Find It-Feel It-Free It.

"Which Came First? The Bug or the Anger?"

The experiment began when I found myself surrounded by a bunch of buzzing bugs. The critters were driving me bananas! They were really annoying and pissed me off.

So, I posed the question, "Which came first-the bugs or the anger?" Could it be that first I feel irritated and then this agitated energy attracts the bugs? Are the insects letting me know I'm carrying around some upset I'm not aware of?

Find It ? What's Bugging You?

To find out if bugs do reflect people's suppressed feelings, I asked myself questions about my life that mimic the relationship between me and my insect harassers, "What issue is buzzing around that I'm trying to brush away?" "What person's getting under my skin?" or "What situation is itching for a resolution?"

I discovered that when I'm bugged by insects, I do have upsets and irritations that I wasn't previously aware of. Sometimes the suppressed unconscious feelings are about a car that cut me off in traffic, a hassle at the supermarket, or by the fact that I overate ? again! Sometimes I don't realize that I'm mad at my boss, friend or parent. Or that I'm worried about paying a bill or losing my job.

I realize now that bugs are our allies! These winged messengers are letting us know that unresolved emotions are still festering inside, draining our energy, creativity and joy.

Feel It ? Move the Energy of Irritation

Once some degree of stuffed emotion is discovered, the next step is to release the stuck energy.

One tool that helps dislodge the energy of emotion is our breath. Breathing into the sensation of the feeling helps break up the dense, thick, stuck energy of heavy emotions. Then the dislodged stress and uncomfortable feelings can be released through a relaxed exhale. The more the energy of feelings is welcomed and accepted-instead of being repressed and pushed away-the more the energy has room to move and shift. When the energy of the emotions starts moving, it may feel like lightness or spaciousness-or like tingling, electricity or waves moving through the body.

Another way to liberate the feeling of irritation is to choose to experience the repressed emotion as the energy it really is. Resist the temptation to name, label or identify the feeling. When we remove "negative" labels, we don't resist feeling the energy of the emotion. Fully experiencing the energy of a feeling allows the energy to fully express itself. As we allow the energy of our feelings to flow and expand however it wants to, it has the space and opportunity to complete itself. The energy of the emotions integrates back into our neutral field of creative life force and is experienced as vitality and aliveness.

Free It ? Shift Your Vibration

When the energy of a feeling about a situation is fully experienced, the energy around the situation shifts and the situation transforms. We have a fresh outlook around the issue. Our attitude changes. We feel more grounded, connected, real, peaceful, empty, open and happy. We're free! Once the irritation is gone, guess what? The bugs bug out! You are no longer creating a "buzz" for the bugs to be attracted to.


The next time you're being bugged, instead of crushing the critters, realize they have a magnetic crush on you. They're under your spell. To repel the pests, you can choose to shift out of bug-attracting consciousness. Try your own experiment with Find It-Feel It-Free It. Change your vibration and change the company you keep.

About The Author

Sulana Stone, life strategy coach, vision quest guide and animal communicator, assists people to discover and express their life purpose through private sessions and workshops. She provides hot tips and fresh articles for people who want more love in life, yearn for a more fulfilling job, or seek a purpose beyond the mundane in a FREE Prosperity Ezine at Contact or 602.861.2631.

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