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Turn Whats Bothering You Into A Blessing

That which you desire to remove from your life is a blessing that you haven't yet learned to appreciate. For life does not send misfortune upon you it sends you only love. Just because you cannot see the gift doesn't mean the gift is not there.

So where are the gifts in your life? Take a moment to write down every situation, person or circumstance that you currently see as something you would like to change or remove from your life. This isn't about seeing the "lesson" in a situation. Seeing problems in your life as lessons only contributes to negative feelings about the situation and puts them in the context of being punishments for past behaviour.

What you are going to do is transform these situations from a negative experience into a positive one that is a real gift from heaven. Being blessed by the universe is more than just seeing the good in the bad. It's believing that everything is good and it's just our perception of it that allows us to think it's not. Every event has a purpose that serves us even if we don't understand how at the time.

I used to be programmed into chronic negative thinking. That of being happy only when things were occuring as I wished them to. Whenever something unexpected happened I would be in tears wondering why the universe was punishing me and asking what had I done to deserve this?

Emotions rule when it comes to manifestation. If your victim response is more emotionally charged than your creator (I am the creator of my reality) response you'll create more victim type situations in your life. That's just how it works. But here is a wonderful, easy and instant way to turn negative thinking around. Whenever something unexpected happens before you spiral down into "why me?" say out loud

"What a blessing..."

Here's an example. Let's say you've made yourself some toast for breakfast and on the way to the table the plate slips and your toast goes buttered side down on your new carpet. That's when you immediately say...

"What a blessing I still have my coffee!"

Or maybe you're running late for work and the last bus that can get you there on time leaves just as you approach the bus stop.

"What a blessing I can relax and plan my day while I wait for the next bus."

This practice stops the negative emotions dead and makes your creator emotions of happiness, gratitude and receiving stronger. Within a very short period of time you'll discover that life brings you fewer unwelcome surprises because you're creating fewer of them. Your life will turn around from being one plagued by "bad luck" to one full of delightful events that bring you joy.

Claire Hunt is a modern day Merlin, Merlin's mentor and founder of the online Merlin community. To find out how you can become a real-life Merlin and live an enchanted life visit us at

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