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How To Actualize Your Potential

Are you tired of struggling and trying to realize your dreams, yet constantly missing the mark? You know your potential but just keep on missing it.

How do you know when you have actualized your potential? When you are in your full potential, there is an experience of joy. Serendipity occurs where opportunities and solutions appear seemingly without effort. You move naturally into the next phase of your effort.

If this is not occurring for you, you may have missed a few steps between your idea and the actualizing of it. The steps you have missed are often internal thoughts you may be having as you go along the way.

Let's take a look at some internal obstacles within your spirit. As a child you enjoyed the delight of discovery. You gave no thought to success or failure. You simply enjoyed the process of being alive and experimenting.

Gradually your ego developed, you became self-aware or self-conscious. As a result you began to compete with your fellow man and judge opportunities based on personal gain. You became separate and began to experience superiority.

Because of the impact of your ego on your choices and the results in the world around you, you must begin exploring your ego or self-consciousness to discover your higher plane that you had as a child and left behind. It is an exciting journey that takes you to unity, learning the art of co-operation and sharing with others.

At this point you will see that we are all connected and the culmination of this journey of discovery is the ultimate discovery of yourself as creator, an evolved, wise, compassionate, and fully "aware" soul.

This discovery is the actualization of your potential.

I was on a tele-seminar with April Dunson of the other day and became so aware of the impact of self consciousness on my choices at times. April asked a question about whether we believe we could acquire money with no effort. At that very moment, my thoughts were about how that could be done! A child would never have thought such thoughts. They would have simply said "sure!" Children acquire money constantly with no effort.

Even as I write this in the hopes it will make a difference for you, I am becoming conscious of my constant blocking of my potential with such questions of "how" rather than just saying yes to whatever comes to me.

I invite you to explore your self-conscious and let go of thoughts that entangle your process and experience the actualization of your full potential. As you probably know, it is a faster process to reveal your thoughts through conversation with others who can help you check your thoughts, than when you try to do it alone. Explore and bring back your "child" so you can move through the steps to actualizing your potential.

Juanita Bellavance is an entrepreneur coaching entrepreneurs. Find out about her latest teleseminar on risk-free arbitrage trading at


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