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Finding Your Passion

Where does our motivation come from? What makes us want to strive for more?

It comes from our PASSION, and with out it what are we left with? We are left with our lives in a seemingly endless spin of unhappiness. When we no longer have passion in our lives we no longer want to strive to make our lives thrive.

This I understand clearly after 15 years.

In the early 1990s it took me five years to muster 34 credits at my local community college. I didn't have the passion for formal schooling at the time. Yes, five years, but it wasn't until my grandfather insisted that I transfer to a university that I started to completely understand how I felt about school and what my passion was for school. At that time, it took me four years to finish my undergraduate degree. I worked full time; I went to school fulltime taking full advantage of the university's online programs and was even able to be inducted into the honor society while raising my first daughter. PASSION.

After I graduated, I decided to continue and within three years I was able to obtain my first master degree and year later I had my second master degree, while now raising two daughters. PASSION.

Because of this passion, I've been very successful in school and furthering my career, but now I find my life changing because my passions are different. My formal schooling is complete and now it's time for me to redirect my passions.

I am going back to creative writing. Difficult for me because I've been doing technical and research writing for so long now, however it's my true passion.

At this moment in time, if you are not happy in whatever it is you are doing, it's not your true passion. Sometimes we get sucked into the myth that making more money, having a big expensive house, or driving the best luxury cars is our life's passion. It isn't. These things and objects make us comfortable, but do they really fill the voided holes we have in our lives? These things are fruits of our passionate labors, but they are not the passion itself. If you feel like you're in rut or you're not happy with your current situation. Change it and find your passion. Working towards your passion will make your life so much happier.

Find your passion and make it happen.

Michelle R. Sweeny is the owner and founder of S&S Management Consulting. Ms. Sweeny is a Training Officer at an executive branch agency within the Federal government. She recently completed her dual graduate degree program at the University of Maryland University College. She has a Master of Science in Management (specializing in Human Resources Management) and a M.B.A.

Creatively, she goes by the name of ZETAZEN and has successfully managed and owned an internet radio station and message board.

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