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Starting a Pressure Washing Business

Are you thinking of starting a small pressure washer business to help clean up the world and make a little money? You might be surprised how many mobile pressure washers companies there are in the United States; approximately 45,000 of them. And since God made dirt on the Third Day; Genisis 1:9 ? 1:12. Obviously since God created the dirt it keeps getting all over everything and thus a business was born. Starting a Mobile Pressure Washing Business is not as difficult as you think. It is important to decide what types of things you would like to wash and specialize in a few. Here is a list of potential items to wash, think about it. What do you want to wash today?


Aviation Fuel Tanks

Aircraft Hangers

Air Cargo Containers

Air Conditioning Units

Air Crushing Cardboard Containers

Antique, Classic Cars

Automobile Dealerships

Auto Detailing

Airport Runways

Amusement Parks

Amusement Rides

Animal Kennels

Apartment Complexes



ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles)




Barrels, Giant

Bathrooms, Beaches

Bathrooms, Parks

Bathrooms, Schools

BBQ Trailers, Etc.


Billboards And Signs


Block Walls



Bridges, Concrete

Bridges, Graffiti

Bridges, Steel

Buildings - Brick, Stucco, Wood, Plastic

Buildings, Portable


Cable Dispensing Trailers

Cages, Zoos

Camping Grounds


Car Frames

Car Washes

Car Waxing

Carnival Rides

Carousel Rides

Carpet Cleaning

Cemetery Headstones, Etc.



City Hall

City Sidewalks


Common Areas


Condominium Complexes

Concession Stands


Convalescent Hospitals


Dairy Equipment

Decals Removal


Docks And Boat Slips

Dog Runs

Doors, Loading Docks

Doors, Storage Yards

Drilling Equipment

Drive Thus


Drain Cleanouts

Drainage Ditches

Duct Cleaning

Electric Cars

Electric Companies


Excavating Equipment

Farming Equipment

Fast Food Restaurants


Fire Damage

Fire Hose

Fire Planes

Fire Trucks

Flag Poles

Fork Lifts

Gas Tanks


Glass, Holiday Window Paint

Glass, Store Fronts

Go Carts

Golf Carts

Golf Courses

Government Offices

Graffiti Removal

Grading Equipment



Gun Removal


Hand Ball Courts

Handicap Ramps/Signs



High Schools

Highway Signs/Markers

Historic Buildings

Hoods, Restaurants

Horse Stables

Horse Trailers

House Prepping

Ice Bins


Industrial Conveyor Belts

Industrial Hoists

Industrial Jet Engines

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Presses





Mail Boxes



Mobile Homes

Monster Trucks



MRI - Mobile Units


Neon Signs


Oil Companies

Oil Wells

Outdoor Decorations

Paint Prepping

Paint Removal

Park And Rides

Parking Garages



Pavement Sealers

Phone Booths

Pipe Companies

Plastic Pool Covers

Plastic Toys

Playground Equipment

Pool Decks


Private Schools

Produce Stands

Property Management Companies

Public Parking Lots

Public Transportation Services

Public Utilities

Pumps, Irrigation

Racing Cars/Trailers

Racquetball Courts

Railroads, Equipment

Rain Gutters


Retaining Walls

Retirement Communities




R.V. Parks



Satellite Dishes



Scuba Equipment

Septic Tanks

Service Stations

Shopping Carts

Showers, Beach

Sidewalks, Shopping Centers

Skateboard Parks


Stain Removal

Store Fronts


Super Markets

Swimming Pools

Tanks, Water

Tennis Courts


Tire Companies

Toll Bridges

Tract Homes


Trash Areas

Trash Containers

Trash, Schools

Truck Dealers



Utility Companies

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Trucks

Valet Parking Lots

Vending machines

Vertical Blinds

Visitor Centers



Warehouses Water Damage

Water Trucks

Window Washing


Wire Wheels

Wind Generators

Yard Services

Youth Centers

Did you think of more not on this list, most people who read it do; well I am glad to report you can wash those to. Think about it.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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