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Locusts To Help Make Energy From Bio Waste, part I

Plagues of Locusts through out history are well documented. In fact they are even documented back as far as the times of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. We know also from our recent periods in history that large plagues created devastation in: 1926-1934, 1940-1948, 1949-1963, 1967-1969 and 1986-1989. With the current knowledge of science we may be able to control these plagues and control run away locust problems and calm down such plagues using sound and acoustic stimulus to guide the locusts away from agriculture and cities where people live as these events threaten to severely hurt the World's food supply at a time when humans are pushing new unknown problems of massive population increases, ways to catch (using sound containment techniques) the high in protein locusts may also re-supply food in times of such crop and agricultural losses. Locusts during times of plagues can devastate more than 20% of the surface of the planet, so the threat and unknown the enemy will face will be truly extra ordinary. Such events could effect 12-15% of the World' population's jobs and 25% of the populations food supply as well as change balances of trade. This is one reason the locusts are so feared by populations.

Instead we propose to guide these pests to areas of bio-waste, which are filling up our dumps and allow the locusts to eat to their hearts content all the grass clippings, tree trimmings and other materials that they might normally eat. We then collect the methane that will be given off and use it for fuel. We allow the locusts to make energy for us.

The adult desert, Acridoidea, locust eats about 2 grams per day. A small swarm is about one ton of locusts and would eat about the same amount in weight as 2500 people, this is a lot of debris and bio-organic trash, which is filling up our dumps. By putting up large over hangs we can keep the methane in and collect it, using a clear tent like structure to trap the gas and put it into compressed tanks.

Locusts through out history have been demonized in religious works and because of this we have been able to solve the problems associated with these swarms. Locusts are very high in protein and if you strip the wings and feet off are quite edible. High in protein diets allow for better information processing in the brain, again a way to increase the brains ability to reason. Such increased cognitive levels allow humans to remove themselves from the stories, tales and folklore of runaway fundamentalism of captive religious cults. Here are some examples of locusts being demonized in religious doctrines.

Locusts as the insect of choice offer much potential in the way of disruption, as we have seen swarms of locusts create havoc and leave destruction in their path. The locust swarms have also been mythicalized into the religious doctrines of so many culures and civilizations. For instance in revelations Demons can take on the form of Locusts? Woooohh?

In Islam locusts might appear as a punishment of lust from a guilt ridden follower?

Just about all religious doctrines of our period make mention of locust swarms.

This adds further uncertainty and disruption of an a civilization immersed in underlining religious belief. Because of the severe destruction to plants, agriculture the locusts have meanings not only in religious works but also tales in Mexican, South American Cultures, American Indians, Australian Indigenous Indians and also throughout the Far Easter Cultures. (see half way down the page under Religion and Folklore).

We have seen in modern times while studying cults of third world tribes and nations such as the Voodoo beliefs in Haiti that lack of proper diet and protein allow people to sink into a frame of reference which allows them to believe such contrived folklore and religious indoctrinations. Even more well established religions have their most devout, most radical and most fundamentalist sects. Adding high in protein foods to their diets will in fact allow many followers of such cults to reason themselves into a more cognitive place to over come this. As much as such religious leaders enjoy their control they also realize what must be done, because the devastation is so serious if nothing is done:

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