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Womens Cosmic Personality Quiz: Are You a Star Woman or an Earth Mother?

Star Women are visionary leaders, and focused on the future. Earth Mothers are focused on nurturing, caring, and giving. Knowing which of these beautiful images best represents you can lend you a better understanding of your own nature and improve your relationships with others.

All women have both Earth Mother and Star Woman attributes, but one is your primary identity. When the situation requires it, we can call forth the other personality type to help us."

Find out where you stand in the cosmos. Give yourself one point for each statement that is most often true about you:

  • I would rather lead than follow.
  • I hate housework.
  • I always dreamed of having my own business.
  • I am very ambitious.
  • I love envisioning the future and making it happen.
  • I take more risks than most other people.
  • I am decisive.
  • I'll do almost anything to avoid feeling dependent on other people.
  • I usually make more money than my partner or the men I date.
  • My partner works for me.
  • In a group situation I always end up taking charge.
  • I can be so focused on my goals that I don't notice people's feelings.
  • I'm more comfortable being in control most of the time.
  • I sometimes act like a prima donna.
  • I pursue my goals relentlessly.
  • I think more about the big picture than the details.
  • I'm good at inspiring other people to take action.
  • I have difficulty relaxing and putting work aside.
  • I feel that I'm here to accomplish something really important.
  • I'm always thinking and planning far ahead.

    1 - 7 Points - Earth Mother
    Thank goodness for strong Earth Mothers! We need the nurturing, sustaining energy you grounded gals bring to this world. Earth Mothers derive great satisfaction from selflessly giving, serving and helping other people. Their power and leadership abilities are directed towards others. They are the wonderful women who attend to, and care for, their families and communities.

    Because Earth Mothers often have trouble saying "no" to others and tend to be people pleasers, you may find yourself easy prey for domineering men. Work on finding your inner center of power so you will have the emotional strength to make sure your needs and opinions are taken seriously.

    8 - 13 Points - Combination Earth Mother & Star Woman
    A great many women have managed to cultivate a wonderful balance of both Earth Mother and Star Women characteristics. Gentle but powerful, combination women are a force to be reckoned with!

    In certain circumstances or periods of life, you may find yourself leaning more closely to one role or the other. Revel in your ability to balance the combination and be proud of all you are.

    14 - 20 Points - Star Woman
    Welcome to the cosmic club of Star Women! You gung-ho gals are natural born leaders who are driven to set and accomplish goals and who persuade and inspire others. Ambitious visionaries, Star Women are often destined for greatness.

    While Star Women possess a great masculine, action-oriented type of energy, you may find yourself a little short in the nurturing and empathy department. This can make you appear cold or standoffish to others. Work on developing a pool of more gentle, receptive feminine energy to balance things out and let your softer side show.

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