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Love or Lust

Do you know what the definition of love is? This is it: a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person, an intense personal attachment or affection, a person toward whom love is felt, a strong enthusiasm or liking. Do you know what the definition of lust is? Here it is: intense sexual desire or appetite, an over whelming desire, ardent enthusiasm, to have strong desire. So my question is, how do you know when you are genuinely in love? Is it when some of that desire is turned into more of an affection? Can someone explain this to me? When we first meet someone, what attracts us first is looks mainly, which would be more on a lustful note, as you get to know someone you find out their interests, likes and dislikes, you may than begin to form a connection or attachment which is more of a loving feeling. But when is it that the love begins and the lust ends? Does it ever? Because I know couples who have been together for years and they say they still get those butterflies as soon as they see their partner.

See this is why I believe you can fall in love quickly or at least have those loving feelings that really have nothing to do with desire. You can be friends with someone and know everything there is to know about them. You may never have had that desire or attraction in that way, for them. Then in a split second it hits you. And you figure out, I am in love with this person. Then the desire begins and the lust develops. This whole lust or love debate is so confusing to me. There are different types of love too. for instance, the love you feel for your children, parents, and siblings is a type of love, then there is love you feel for your friends which could also fall into the family category and then there is the love you feel for your partner, mate, husband, wife. With that comes a sense of intimacy.

Are there different levels to the lust question? I also know couples that when they first met hated each other. They had a passion to hate and it drove them at each other all the time. I also know partners who when they first met say they knew they would end up spending their lives together. I have even had those feelings at a time myself. I have had intense feelings for a few, I also have had strong feelings for certain people, see the different levels? I have even had passionate feelings for one. why is that? Why are there so many levels to ones heart? Maybe because when you fall it isn't entirely up to us. People are put in our paths, and end up in our lives for a variety of reasons. All I know for sure is; life is full of surprises when it comes to love and lust, be careful, safe and I hope you do find your hearts desire.

Vaughn Pascal

To God and Jesus; Thank you.

To Bub; I love you.

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