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Synchronized Swimming Advantage for Twins

The Olympic Contests for Synchronized Swimming are a testament to the natural human ability of telepathy. What we find in College and University Level synchronized swimmers thru observation and data of the top athletes is that those teams which have been long time friends seem to have a mind connection, which far surpasses generally accepted scientific knowledge. Those synchronized swimmers that are twins have even a greater advantage, as results show that twins are often some of the top performers in the sport. These observations are quite obvious and statistically too high to be coincidence.

There is a Synchronized Swim team of twins from Ohio who are so good it appears they are connected. Scientists studying the brains of twins think in fact that they are connected or have an entangled brain advantage. This is not uncommon in the animal kingdom, as many researchers have found with birds, mammals and even fish. The impulse firings of the nerves seem to indicate a telepathy advantage at the speed of thought and the reaction times possible to mammals is far exceeded meaning there is an advantage to long time friends who may be on the same brain waves and twins who are not only on the same brain wave but also seem to have a genetic entanglement advantage. We need more research here.

Certainly in watching the synchronized swimmers in actions and studying the background including long term friendships and/or genetic similarities we should be able to ascertain immediately that there is a scientifically research provable advantage. If we look at other species and their abilities such as flocks of 1000 birds all turning at the same time and doing so faster than their reaction time allows for or schools of fish all operating like a giant team of one, we can see that synchronized swimming is similar. So similar in fact that it seems to prove that humans can do what animals do all the time with practice and with such perfection that one has to ask the question. Is this an innate skill? And how much is practice and how much is in the development of fine mind tuning? How significant is the genetic brain entanglement of twins or the judge's bias due to the two participants looking nearly the same? How much of these are coincidence factors of training in timing of actions or actual brain waves firing the muscles as if the brain is the engine and the muscles are moving parts? Can we really merely condemn such natural observations using science when science clearly will not face that there are other factors.

Recently I talked at length with a Synchronized Swimmer Athlete and she indicated that there was definitely mind reading factor. She indicated that those who were close friends, roommates or had similar family backgrounds were much better than those who did not have such similarities. Additionally she believed based on her own swim team that those who had been close friends since the early ages of 5 or 6 years old were far superior in every way to those who had met in college and signed up to compete on the team. Although we cannot prove this either way, I often find that those who are involved in such things on a close level seem to know what is going on. Likewise as an athlete I myself can remember having a mind-brain connection while "in the zone" with both competitors and teammates. We must challenge the experts on these issues, as science may be clouding mankind's greatest abilities and perhaps covering up the fact that our species and civilizations may have indeed forgotten more than we have ever known. Think on this.

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