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Is China Testing Bio Weapons on Its Own People?

Well the conspiracy theorists are out in full force I see. I had an interesting meeting the other day at a coffee shop and talked with a highly paranoid chap, who claimed to have some real insider information. He said that the Chinese were experimenting with their own populations with new vaccines for bird flu. He later said that an experiment with the N5H1 strain in a South Eastern province yielded better than expected results and they were forced to quarantine the area and kill thousands of birds and nearly 200 humans. He also said that they made mandatory the vaccination of all families in the vicinity to test their newest vaccine on the N5H1 Bird Flu strain.

Interesting how people get carried away, except he sounded legitimate and said he had insider friends at the CDC and that this Bird Flu virus was also to be tested in Russia, where the leadership had found a problematic area filled with discontents. Anyway, without concurring with his theory I went to the Internet and indeed, China had killed many birds and given a vaccine to many in the province, which they admitted. We know China generally goes not admit much when it comes to these things. After all they denied for years their AIDS problem, which is reaching huge percentages of their population and most recently they did not admit their SARS problem, mostly for economic reasons.

As we study plausible deniability we seem to see a pattern, which could justify the conspiracy theorists, meanwhile the WHO is in fact telling everyone that the Pandemic Bird Flu is only a matter of time and it will go World Wide. The CDC and even the outgoing Federal Health Department gentleman warned of this. Today in the news Russia has the Bird Flu spreading. And guess what in the same province where China had the Bird Flu out beak they now have pig disease.

Well, I asked the gentleman, let's just call him; Mr. Conspiracy Theorist, he said that he read a report that indicated that humans can get the bird flu thru pigs who had their respitory systems infected. Those humans who handled the pigs would get it and thus the humans would spread it. Now then throw in a flu season and normal issues of human interaction and you have one heck of a full-fledged conspiracy started in China? Could it be so? China is the only country so far with a vaccine and we are still unclear if it actually works, but the Chinese Scientists know.

Meanwhile Mr. Conspiracy Theorists tells me that the powers that be want to limit the populations of the world. Interestingly enough that would not be so bad for the future of humanity or our shortage of water supplies in the next 20-years? However is all this real or is this, Mr. Conspiracy Theorist just drinking too much coffee and listening to too much late night radio?

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