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Birds in the Room Alter Sleep Patterns of Humans

Birds have always been considered good pets of modern day humans. It seems our living in close proximity may have given us a closer bond than we know. There are many reports, which have been collected of birds having a psychic connection with their owners. Others poo poo the idea as utter non-sense, but the studies done scientifically seem to prove that there are connections between humans and birds with regards to the normal and natural telepathy abilities of both species.

Studies have been done video taping flocks of birds where 1000 birds all turn at the same time. Some naturalists believed they do this by seeing the bird next to them slightly move, thus triggering their movement as well. On problem is the movements appear to take place at a rate of 50,000 thousandths of a second, which is faster than even the nerve firing rates of birds or at least right at it. One naturalist Craig Reynolds held that each impulse broken into "boids" where sensed by the other bird to help them steer to avoid the other birds in the formation, steer towards the average direction and position of the neighboring birds. Although on more careful review we see that in fact the birds cannot be responding by sight and then changing flight because the reaction time is delayed and could not be within 50,000 thousandths of a second. Also the birds seem to respond from birds behind them as well; birds, which are not even in their field of vision. How is this done? Are birds psychic? No it appears however they are at close ranges to each other telepathic.

My theory holds that they connect with each other using telepathy under extremely low frequencies and use the beak as an antenna to unite the entire flock in a group. A book worthy of mention on this subject is:

"The Sense of Being Stared At and other aspects of the human mind" By Rupert Sheldrake.

On page 111 to 114 he goes into great detail the proof of telepathy in birds and the proof that birds can sense human intention. As modern scientists attempt to refute this, I myself have had dream states altered by birds, which camp outside my window during periods of sleep in REM. People who have parrots and birds as pets also can vouch for the telepathy abilities. Wild birds also have been known to come to food sources from miles away which they could not have seen rather quickly after food is discovered, which has been well documented by Naturalist William Long.

In my experiments I have determined that pigeons in the wild can alter the dream states of humans as well as read thoughts of human intent. I believe this is from our many hundreds of thousands if not millions of years of co-evolution. Perhaps humans at one time were more in tune with the bird's view and collected information this way about directions and food as they hunted. Perhaps humans also were able to use the birds movements and alarm bells simultaneously by thought before the bird calls of warning? Birds also would have an advantage of being about to know of a kill by humans to take advantage of the left overs. Some contend that birds in captivity might develop bonds with their humans and with multiple years and generations have done this in recent evolution. I disagree because there are many reports of African Greys being caught and made pets and they seem to develop the bond instantly. It appears that the birds even from a distance can communicate with their human counterparts on a collective consciousness level. Thus it stands to reason that when the human mind is working at a lower frequency in a dream state that it is communicating with the local birds. So if someone calls you a bird brain, take it as a compliment; think on this.

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