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Question Authority

Policemen in many US cities are taking their new authority over the terrorism issue way too seriously. They are using it as a reason to harass our citizenry. Just like a bunch of $5.00 and hour security guards. Give a guy a little authority and a badge and boy oh boy he'll show you. You know the problems in America with security guards who are so over zealous that they offend the people who make their job available. Now we have a recruitment issue with not enough people for the jobs in policing. So we are hiring security guards and giving them too much power.

These policemen are not experienced and are libel to shoot someone who tells them to get lost when they harass them. We will see these new security and police guards make dumb decisions and shoot someone. I bet that we have a serious issue appear within the next three months where some police officer goes over board and kills an innocent American on bad data or poor judgment. When this happens there will be a backlash and more people carrying video cameras. There is a protocol, which should be followed, we should be stricter with the policing agencies than they are with the citizens. Too much overtime is hurting budgets and fatigue leads to mistakes, and those guns are loaded. If citizens fear police and terrorists then are we a free society?

People who are out of work and stressed to the max are now going to live in fear of the police who are here to help them. If people fear police, there will be a significant breakdown in communication between communities and law enforcement agencies. We need to be careful who we hire for what security capacity in these agencies. A lunatic with a gun who has a badge is five times as dangerous as a lunatic who does not have inside information. We had a security guard burn down new homes in Maryland, a code enforcement officer turns out to be the BTK and the FBI catches our own border patrol, national guard and policemen allowing drug border shipments to pass. It has been shown in reports that nearly 1/3 of the policemen in this country are not normal and as much as a quarter are of similar thought processes as the criminals. The most dangerous criminal is one who hides in pure daylight, behind authority and in the know with weapons, communication, and security risk areas. God help us if a terrorist sleeper is amongst the cities finest. If a FBI background check is required for 20 years back for stockbrokers then the policemen ought to be screened as far back as birth and their parents, brothers, sisters and cousins and neighbors for five years back. Additionally no on should work for the TSA, SEC, FTC, State Attorney's Generals office without a massive check out first. It appears that the authorities may in fact be unfit to lead. I have been observing this trend and these are my findings and You? Think on this.

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In The News:

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