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Federal Trade Commission Franchising Division; Inept?

Why are we over regulating the franchising industry? What are we doing to an industry which has given so much to America? Is the Federal Trade Commission Franchising Division; inept? They keep making rules and the over disclosure has the average UFOC ? Uniform Franchise Offering Circular at over 200 pages? This is insanity; not to mention a waste of paper.

No one in the Federal Trade Commission Franchising Division should be allowed to make rules unless they themselves have worked in an actual franchisor sales office, completed the International Franchisor Associations 'Certified Franchise Executive Course' and owned an actual franchised outlet. As far as fraud goes, yes, I see it every day, I see it in lies on franchise applications from consumers, extortion from franchise lawyers who have mangled the intent of franchise law and in the end users and consumer that buy services and products as they try to return merchandise they did not buy, steal credit card numbers and trash can receipts, try to use last months coupon or punch extra holes in their buy 10 get on free frequent shopper cards. And we all see fraud in SPAM, I am getting on average 1633 per day, worth of Viagra, Nigerian Scams, Fake Rolex Watches, Phishing Expeditions, etc. There is your fraud, go get em' my SPAM is increasing faster than a Delta IV Rocket. But on the franchisor side of things, there is no fraud to speak of, those franchisors who do will fail as the franchisees will destroy their good will from negative word of mouth and lawsuits.

Who exactly is going to pay for these extra costs of additional disclosure? Is the Federal Trade Commission going to pay? No, it will be the consumer who pays as all costs are passed onto them. After all, every single dollar my company, The Car Wash Guys, spend, is a dollar we cannot use helping our franchisees (the consumers) who in turn pass on those costs to the end user again another one of FTC's consumers. Is the Federal Trade Commission really trying to help consumers or are they simply trying to prove their worth as an tiny little agency with teeth. "The mighty Federal Trade Commission," is that it. The Federal Trade Commission "We will show you whose Boss" attitude.

Sounds great only one problem, that goes against everything this country stands for and it is the same attitude that the international terrorists had. They attacked NYC because it was the business and money capital of our great nation. The Federal Trade Commission is attacking the fiber of American business, the American Dream and Capitalism itself, because that is exactly what franchising is and the model it embodies. This is not a Socialist Country, I know that hurts you people at the Federal Trade Commission. A book of reference of this fact is "The Government Side of Business" By Smoot. It should be required reading by all those who work at the Federal Trade Commission in every department, for those who truly wish to make a difference, you should know what your regulations do to the over all real world economy. You want to change the world for the better, do not impede, help the model succeed. Let's all live in reality shall we? Think about it.

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