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To Camcorder Enthusiasts: What Does Reality TV Really Mean? - Great News for the Camcorder User!

Reality TV is experiencing an upsurge in popularity and its presence has conditioned the public's acceptance of a number of things:

  • That lead actors being trained and polished 'performers' is no longer a necessity.
  • Camcorder movement. As the use of 'dollies', 'jibs' and even 'steadycams' to obtain smooth motion/tracking shots are often at odds with site and time constraints.
  • Reduction in production values of video, lighting and audio.

Whilst a 'reduction in production values' may not inspire confidence, it bodes as a positive to the small time camcorder operator in reduced production costs. And the savvy camcorder operator can make up any shortfall with a little imagination and a lot of ingenuity.

"Anyone can be a video producer", says Mark Sturge, of KMS Productions "technology has delivered the tools and there is an emerging group of people who know that (don't tell anyone this) video and even television production is easy, if you have the right plan.

"Desktop video is a huge opportunity." Mark goes on to explain "Everyday people are looking for special memories to be preserved on video tape or DVD. That family occasion/party/wedding or their children's sports events filmed with a camcorder. And now getting their favourite sport or hobby on TV is possible. Yes? possible. And you can be the video producer that does it for them!"

Most people think that it takes big bucks to produce video for television or commercial release. The inside secret is that you can produce quality video productions with a relatively small investment - and having the right plan that can take you step-by-step through the process is a crucial component. Here are the steps Mark suggests you should follow:

  • Get yourself a high resolution camcorder.
  • Learn how to use your camcorder to produce 'compelling' video (this sounds obvious, but it can be where the majority of operators 'drop the ball').
  • Engineer cost effective solutions to produce professional production values (in particular the areas of lighting and audio).
  • Polish your production with your desktop editing system.
  • Submit your production to program managers that accept public submissions, create a professional looking DVD series to sell, shoot family/TV/commercial video in your home studio etc..
  • So what are you waiting for? Pick up that camcorder, boot up your pc and 'Say It With Video'!

    Mark Sturge is the owner of KMS Productions and webmaster at A site where visitors can find information, training videos and manuals that help people to better their camcorder techniques or discover ways to earn an income from their video taking hobby.

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