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Nightmares on MLM Street

If you haven't already read the NY Times Best selling Book "Rich Daddy, Poor Daddy" by Robert T. Kiyosaki, it is highly recommended. In this book, Mr Kiyosaki talks about how the only way to become wealthy is to go into busimness for your self: "Mind Your Own business", as he puts it.

Dr Charles KING, Professor of Marketing Univ,IL, and entrepreneur says there are 4 principles of a business that are essential. 1. Huge expanding Market 2. Unique Exclusive Product 3. Timing /Trends 4. Using leverage. Many people today are leveraging technology with a great business and are enjoying the benefits of owning their own business.

Many people are afraid to pick up the telephone or some are a little leery about answering the prospects questions, but with the correct marketing system, all of that is done for you. The real beauty of an internet based website opportunity business is that there is no upper limits as to how much you can earn. Newsweek predicts that by this year, 50% of all US households will be invoved in some type of home-based busines. We all receive emails every day, offering to show you how to create wealth. It is important that you analyse the business opportunity closley and make sure it is suited for you. I have found that most of these emails are from people who are struggling, and /or aren't serious about the business.

The network marketing business is done primarily through recommending products and sharing the business opportunity business with others.Make sure you find a legitimate professional operation as it's your name thats on the line. You must be willing to invest your time to achieve your goals.

If you can send an email and /or give someone your website then an internet based business maybe is for you. No special skills are required, JUST FOLLOW THE SYSTEM.

You must integrate this into your daily and weekly schedule.

Its pretty simple. You let technology save you the time by letting your website professionally share the business opportunity with others. You must then sort them out into two categories , the YES & NO's. It can be easy you just have to find the right persons, its a numbers game. Most professional network marketing companies will offer you a website, training and a lead generation system. Be careful about buying leads as they come in many forms. Basically they can be fresh & qualified or old and worn. The MLM company should guarantee the validity of the leads for you. You can also advertise in your local newspapers and drop mailers guiding the enquirer to your website.

Its business, you have to spread the word! good luck!

Peter Smyth is an entrepreneur. He has lived and worked successfully on 3 continents.

Go email for an overview of this business opportunity. Forbes magazine rates internet based business opportinity as the new wave generation. go to

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