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MLM and the Internet, What A Perfect Match!

In the good old days back in the 80s, MLM distributors build their business the hard way. Things were difficult. People's impression of network marketing business as a scam made it worse and lead generation had to be done through the crude 'friends and families' way...

Ten years later things have changed. Many skeptics have seen ordinary people build a successful home based business and they have joined in too, and most important, the internet was introduced.

The introduction of the internet was a major progress in network marketing industry. Not only that it makes it easier to build business, the time it takes to have a four figure downline has reduced dramatically too. The internet is a very important tool to have in MLM business. With internet, you can have a worldwide customer base, a worldwide business partners, you can generate leads that are interested in your product or business opportunity and most important, advertising is cheap compared to doing it offline.

Internet is a form of leverage. You can do a lot with very little time and effort. It can bring targetted leads for you all day for the business opportunity and for the product sales. Without those two lead types you cannot build a successful business.

Although many people still use the 'friends and families' approach to jump-start their business and i am not against using that elementary method but many experts have used the cold market only to build an empire through the use of the internet.

The good thing about the type of lead generated from the virtual world is that it is very targetted and moreover, you are not chasing them but they are chasing you to find out more about your business.

There are still many MLM companies out there that have not implemented the use of this amazing leveraging tool. They are doing a great disservice to their distributors and even to themselves since the success of their distributors is proportional to the success of the company as a whole.

Many crude methods that were used in the old time have been replaced by the use of the internet, example of those methods include;

1 Home Presentation - Home presentation has been replaced by online presentation where the prospect can view a complete video/audio presentation and have full understanding of the business opportunity. The prospect may also request online for a CD/DVD presentation to be posted to them for free. This kind of approach has only been possible since the birth of the internet.

2 Training and Support - In my MLM organisation our communication system is second to none. We receive all current news as they are breaking through daily newsletters from uplines. We also have a program called Trainex which enable trainer/sponsor to interact with downline's computer as if he's there beside him/her so he can show him/her how to use the different programs that make our business simple. This makes building international business possible since you wont have to travel long distance to show your distributors what they need to learn to build their business. This is only possible because of the power of the internet.

3 Uneffective Advertising - Advertising on the internet is cheaper and more effective than advertising in national newspapers. it is also easier to track what is working and what is not working online.

Network marketing business is...building a business without the hassle of building a business. You must have fun while doing it and it must not cost you arm and leg. The implementation of a powerful form of leverage, the internet, is very important so that you will take less time and build a strong worldwide business from the comfort of your home.

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Aliyu Odumosu

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