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MLM Network Marketing Recruiting Training - The 5 Magnetic Phrases that Paint Word Pictures

One of the most powerful secrets to recruiting in network marketing. Do you use them?


Word Pictures can increase your recruiting ratio by 50% overnight!

Ok... what are they?

They are phrases or questions that create a mental image or picture of the prospect obtaining or creating what they want in their life, and then igniting it with Emotion.


The power of this recruiting secret is in how the mental picture makes them FEEL. You see, too many distributors DISPENSE, DISPLAY, and DISPOSE when recruiting...

We call it the "3 D's of Mediocre Recruiting":

The 3 D's of MLM Mediocre Recruiting

1) They Dispense information.

2) They Display the program and products.

3) They Dispose of any real chance of recruiting the prospect because of the lack of MAGNETISM.



They are too focused on recruiting the prospect for THEIR reasons, not the prospects. And there are phrases you can use that literally will create a magnetic environment when you recruit in your Home Business.

I used these phrases for years, and many prospects were nearly crawling over the table to get an application.

What are they?

These Phrases or questions simply paint a picture or help the person imagine themselves having what they want in life, and magnetizing it with FEELING.

The "5 MLM Recruiting Phrases that Paint MAGNETIC Word Pictures".

1) "Imagine the feeling of...."

Imagine the feeling of being in that house you were talking would it feel? Imagine the feeling of having the time you want to spend with your kids...and spending all day with them in the park...

Would that be great? Imagine the feeling of owning your own home based business and having control of your life...what would that mean to you?

2) "Can you see yourself..(being...doing...having...)"

Can you see yourself finally having the success you have always wanted and feeling incredible? Can you see yourself in Hawaii with your spouse and it costing you nothing? Can you see yourself having more freedom than you ever have had with a home business?

3) "How would your life change if...?"

How would your life change if you had more time to do the things you want? How would your life change if you had the financial freedom to live the life you want? How would your life change if you had more time to spend with your kids...quality time they crave?

4) "What would it mean to your family if...."

What would it mean to your family if you had more money to create a better lifestyle? What would it mean to your family if you were to be able to buy a bigger home? What would it mean to your children if you were at home working in Network Marketing while being with them?

5) "Where would your life be if....?"

Where would your life be if you were to have a six figure income? Where would your life be if you had the money to do what you wanted, not what you had to do? Where would your family be if you could take them on vacations you wanted to, not what you could afford to?

BONUS Question:

"Lets be Honest....Don't you and your family deserve... the best life has to offer?"

Don't you and your family deserve... a better lifestyle?

Don't you and your family deserve... what you truly want, not just what you can afford?

These phrases are Magnetic and :

The Secret of "Already There" in a Home Business. INFERNO Secret:

They make people THINK! And what you are doing is putting themselves in a mental picture of being ALREADY THERE, and enjoying the life they truly want...and FEELING it in their hearts...

And then your job is simply to say... "That's why we need to talk...I can help you obtain that in your life....and so much more.....with what I have Direct Sales and MLM"

(Discovered is a MAGNETIC word...HOT!!!)


Doug Firebaugh
PassionFire Intl
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