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I Was Loosing a Lot of Money with MLM... What I Changed to Keep that Money in My Pocket!

Hello everyone,

I've been around in network marketing for a few years now? I was always trying to figure out new ways to keep money into my pockets using the Internet. Yes that's right, KEEP money? The reason why I'm saying this is because I did make my share of money in the MLM industry, but I did lost a bit too. Nothing major, but if I go back and add up all my unnecessary expense, I would have been richer in less time.

Now it's time to outline the places where I was loosing tons of money. Take good notes of these situations, since many of you are probably experiencing the same issues! After that, I will explain how I patched my money leaking problems.

Communication fees
If you want to be successful in network marketing, you need to be on the phone doing sales pitch to new clients, train your team, provide customer supports, etc. Communication fees include international long distance fees & teleconference fees that represented close to 45% of my entire budget. At that time I was actually holding back on calling people since I knew I was paying 0,10 cents a minute / per person.

Time wasters
Now this is probably the most important one! Time is money? so I consider time an expense too? For example, I was saying the same thing over and over to different people. Imagine having to say the same sales pitch more than 40 times in a day! They would usually last around 15 minutes each! And the worst part, some of my calls didn't result in a sale! All that time wasted for nothing! Another example is driving down to meet some of my local clients. The province of New-Brunswick might not be that big, but let me tell you that it sure is when you start accumulating hours of driving in between destinations. I was spending another 35% of my budget on gas and other traveling expenses like meals, hotels and car expenses.

Now with the solution: A ground breaking technology that will help you communicate more effectively, while saving time and money! Believe me, there's even more to it!

I'm glad to present to you the next online business trend? Web Conferences! Web conferencing is the new way to communicate effectively on the Internet today! People from all over the world are using this technology right now. Imagine that, you can talk all you want, when you want for less than a dollar a day! There is no long distance fee and no user limit. I simply send an email to my team or prospect and I don't even need to tell them how to setup since its so user friendly. Since the day I switched to Web Conference, I've seen my sales increase and I now have more free time away from the business. Now you wonder how web conferencing helped my online business?

  • Automate support for my client base
  • I run a variety of daily live seminars to an unlimited audience in real-time audio and video
  • I do live pre-sales
  • Promotions and fire sales
  • Customer networking in live chat rooms
  • I reduced travel expenses and time for business meetings
  • I reduce long-distance phone bills
  • I can talk to anyone anywhere in the world for an unlimited amount of time?for free
  • I can send documents, files, and other applications instantly to anyone anywhere in the world
  • I improved collaboration with my downline
  • Finally I can build and maintain valuable customer relationships
  • Now for those of you who can relate to my past experiences, you need to do something now! You need to figure out a way to lower these expenses if you want to survive in this industry? web conference is the way to go! If you would like to learn more on Web Conferencing and other money saving tips, visit today!

    About the Author: Frederic Blanchet is the president of, the new international business community on the Internet. Click here to learn how you can start using Web Conference for less than a dollar a day!

    Please feel free to use this article on your website and your e-zine.

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