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Wedding Reception Made for You

No matter how well you plan all the aspects of the wedding, one deciding factor on how well it goes is based upon the wedding reception-site. All kidding aside, having it "rain on your special day" is certainly not the ideal wedding reception environment for most people. Taking the time with wedding planning in advance, and brainstorming location ideas will go a long way towards creating your perfect wedding location.

Wedding environment and Weather

Weather, environment and setting are the three most important aspects when planning the wedding location. Consider the location and the elements in order to make the environment as comfortable as possible. Hiring a wedding planner will do wonders in taking the wedding ceremony and reception planning stress off your plate, but there are many elements of the planning you will want to choose yourself. Will the wedding be indoor ? perhaps a hotel, golf and country club, local community hall? These places are generally easier to plan weddings for because they are designed to accommodate larger groups of people, and often have easy access to washroom facilities and power requirements for the D.J. or band. Do you like the outdoors ? if so consider a large gazebo, garden setting, ballpark or other unique locations. Larger gazebos work very well in that you can have a fun time decorating, and spending less money on flowers if the space is smaller. Other examples of luxurious wedding locations are Ski lodge weddings, Boat and Cruise Ship ceremonies and camping ? cabin weddings. The choice you make is only limited by resources and your imagination.

Scoping and Planning

The real key is to not place all of your eggs in one basket. Plan to select at least 4-5 locations for review. Meet with the appropriate persons (owners, city trade or hall) in order to establish the bottom line of what you will need to run your event there. Don't be discouraged! All good wedding planning takes flexibility, perseverance and creative energy! If you have an outdoor venue booked for your wedding ceremony, always have a backup plan, preferably an indoor location in case of bad weather (unless you are lucky enough to live in a very sunny locale!) Draw out a setting map ? a way to keep track of arrangement, where everyone will be seated, where particular elements will be. Search online for some great wedding planning ideas, as there is a host of great wedding planning websites available to help you stimulate some great ideas.

Always Get Things in Writing

Write up a contract, or read thoroughly through the document provided for the venue you choose, if there is one. Look in particular at elements such as time allowed, start and end times, maximum occupants, and damage deposits. It is usually a good idea to have a personal friend or relative with you when signing any contractual agreement.

Make It Your Own

Great, personal wedding ceremonies don't necessarily come from great wedding planners. The idea wedding planner takes your idea of your perfect wedding, and translates it for you ? helps to make it happen and allows you to enjoy the event to its fullest. If you choose a wedding planner, find one who 'augments' your style, is flexible and willing to look 'beyond the box'. Some of the best wedding ceremonies were created by everyday people like you and I who were willing to chance to create their own unique wedding theme, and follow it through.

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