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Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment

The typical wedding reception entertainment scheme of pretty flowers and background music is fine for some people, but all kinds of options exist to spice it up a bit and provide a celebration that everyone is sure to remember for years to come.

Before planning any of the following wedding reception entertainment ideas, please take this short bit of advice: discuss it first. These inventive ideas will hopefully bring amusement and vibrancy to your wedding reception entertainment, but it could spell tragedy if you surprise everyone (particularly your spouse) with something completely outlandish.

Build your wedding reception entertainment around a theme that suits your personalities and interests. Some specific examples could be:

  • For the country bumpkin in you, try a theme centered around the old west. The ol' watering hole should be a big hit. Plant some (fake) muskets and six-shooters around the area and see what kind of drama erupts.

  • The renaissance era gives many options for a wedding reception entertainment theme. If you have ever been to a renaissance festival, you know what fun it can be. Hazah!

  • In this 21st century, much of the science fiction of the past has already come to reality. This is very fortunate for the tech-savvy couple looking to design a high-tech reception centered around a sci fi theme. Laser beams and shiny, metallic things always look futuristic.

  • Arrrh matey! Not all pirates are from the Carribean, but they can all throw a wild party! A big treasure chest filled with styrofoam peanuts can hide treasures for the kids to discover.

  • Ancient Egypt is always an intriguing theme for any party. Design a secret heiroglyphic message for your guests to decode and win a prize. The favorite and most important symbol for your ancient Egyptian wedding reception entertainment: the Ankh.

    If you really want to get the guests roaring, try this: Hire absolutely the worst band you can find in the city. Allow them to play a couple of songs before you encourage the guests to boo them from the stage. Your real band can then emerge from the crowd and "save the day" with beautiful, professional tunes. (You will still pay the sucker band for their full set, of course. They did their part.)

    Instead of subdued background music between sets, hire a comedian to perform during the band's intermission. An hilarious and upbeat act will keep your guests attentive and help them catch a second wind for another round of celebration.

    There is no rule book that says wedding reception entertainment must be confined to the stage. Magicians, mimes, and jugglers are a few examples of entertainers who could meander through the crowd and keep everyone on their toes. They can scope out the folks who might look bored or ignored, hopefully prying open a few smiles. Remember to ask the juggler to please forego the flaming torches - just this once!

    These are just a few wedding reception entertainment ideas to get you started. What you eventually decide to do should reflect your own tastes. But whatever you do, the key ingredient that must never be forgotten is: fun!

    © Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

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