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Bridezilla Bride!?

Nobody, I repeat nobody likes a bridezilla bride. If you feel this feeling taking hold of your higher thinking processes fight it! Fight it will every fiber of your being, if you don't your friends may never forgive you. I am speaking, from experience of my close friend. She has never been a bride, but often been a bridesmaid. You know what they say; always a bridesmaid, never a bride but I keep my hopes up. But back to the bridezilla thing, it is too easy for the bride to get carried away and wrapped up in all of the planning. And oftentimes if she has a wedding planner she will be inclined to take all of this planners words as gospel. This unfortunately often hurts the bridesmaid's chances of looking pretty during the ceremony. I don't know what it is with ugly bridesmaid dresses but they seem to be the popular thing to choose among brides. This is one wedding tradition that does not seem to be in any danger of being lost, like ever.

Be nice to your bridesmaids, they are there to support you on your special day, they don't deserve to have to wear ugly plum wedding dresses. Sorry that plum dress thing was a flashback. Let your bridesmaids wear a pretty color like soft pink or blue, perhaps even a gorgeous red or green, for the love of all that's holy, anything but plum! Just kidding plum bridesmaid dresses can actually look quite flattering on many women and this color does go extremely well with all of the flower arrangements that will be decorating the reception hall and the altar. Choosing the color of your bridesmaid dresses is one of the most important decisions that you will make about your wedding. These dresses will be highlighting your fabulous wedding gown and that is why it is so important that you choose the right color. You need the bridesmaid dresses to match your gown but yet not look like it at all. This is where things can get tricky. See, you need the dresses to compliment each other while being a completely different color and style. How on earth?!? Sounds impossible right? It isn't though, it can be done easily. Just ask for some help at the boutique from which you are purchasing your wedding gown. They should know all of the best tips and tricks.

Again I am going to admonish you to be kind to your bridesmaids. Let them have at least some say in the bridesmaid dresses, they are paying for them and they have to wear them, it is the least that you can do. It really is. Consider what colors would go best with their particular skin tones. Your bridesmaids do not have to wear all the same color although this is the most common practice. One of the best ideas is to have all of the bridesmaid dresses the same color but have the styles vary slightly. This way each bridesmaid will have her own individual bridesmaid dress. They do not have to be too different, just different enough that it showcases and highlights her own unique curves and attributes. This my dear, dear bride is the kind thing to do. And this way the bridesmaids might even get to wear their expensive dresses again someday. Bonus! Wow small things like this matter a lot and you got to learn a lot about the things that make your wedding a memorable day not just for you but for everyone around you.

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