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Gardening and Flowers

Gardening is one of life's pleasures whether you grow flowers, vegetables or herbs; we look forward to the planting season. But whether you are new or seasoned gardener, it's important to remember a few basic things.

If you want to improve your landscaping then start with the basics. Your soil. Is your soil sandy, a rich black or dense with clay? The type of soil you have will determine what kind of plants you will purchase. Of course you can buy rich soil to supplement a soil deficient in nutrients and oxygen. You can also purchase or make your own beneficial mulch. If you are unsure about your soil, ask a local nursery. They can guide you in making the right choice for your garden.

Once you you've determined what type of soil you are dealing with then you can get down to designing your landscape. Step back and have a look at your yard and home. You need to look at several factors: Do you have children who will be playing in the yard? If so then keep that in mind when you are designing. You'll want to a lot a playing space for them that doesn't interfere with your design structure. Look at the color and line structure of your home. You'll want to accent it with greens and flowers. You can take a sterile looking house and transform it to a warm and inviting place. A house is an inanimate object and it's the live plants, flowers and trees gently swaying in the wind that breath life into an otherwise still object.

As you are looking at your home and yard, entertain the idea of combining plants, shrubs and flowers of different sizes, shades, shapes and colors. For example, you may want to plant a dark green border shrub that can be easily squared off with trimming and then plant in front of that a lighter green or variegated green broad leaf plant or a bed of begonias or marigolds. If you can't visualize what you want then I suggest getting some home and garden magazines or pictures of model homes to get an idea. Or you can even drive around the neibourhood to get your ideas. It pays to do your homework.

Another thing to consider when you are planning your garden is combining herbs with your flowers or shrubs. Not only do they have varied colors and shapes that can compliment your garden, you also have the benefit fresh herbs in your kitchen when you need it.

Part of the appeal for gardening is designing it and then making it happen. It is a rewarding and relaxing experience that continues throughout the years as you add to or change your garden as you please.


Willie Jones

Willie is a freelance writer, researcher, floral designer, and artist. Thanks very much for reading this far. Please come and visit us at: an inspirational poster or two

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