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Gardeners Gift Ideas

Plant lovers and backyard enthusiasts are special people who will love your thoughtfulness when you chose a garden gift for them. If someone you know spends more than ninety percent of their day pruning and pairing, selecting garden gifts for their next birthday or anniversary might be the perfect token of your appreciation.

By nature, gardening presents many challenges. There are organic, birdhouse, dish, herbal, flower, varietals and ornamental gardens to name a few.

One of the first things to consider is what type of landscaping or gardening the person you are shopping for participates in. Another consideration might be the type of climate in which the person lives. For example, a plant that requires shade and frequent watering to grow will not do well in a dry climate that is often sunny, such as that in Colorado. There are a few varieties of hardy plants that do well in almost any type of climate. These include the following:


Vanilla Leaf


Lady Fern

Wild Strawberry

Large Avens

False Lily of the Valley

All of these plants are generally hardy, and require only average soil for survival. Their sunshine requirements range from shade to full sun. Marigolds, morning glories, poppies and the cypress vine are all great examples of flowering plants that are also easy to grow for the novice or experienced gardener.

For novices, or those that have yet to acquire their green thumb, there are many easy to raise plants and garden gifts that can encourage a blossoming planter. There are also an amazing variety of selections for backyard enthusiasts that complement the garden without requiring a green thumb. Bird baths and planters for example, come ready to implant into even the most basic garden, and add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any environment. Some neat accessories that also fall into this category of garden gifts, include composters and bird houses.

Organic gardening has become very popular. Besides ornamental garden gifts, there are certain products that every organic gardener needs to grow a lush, organic garden, whether they are growing herbs, fruits, flowers, vegetables or some combination of all of these. The list below details some "necessities" that should be considered for any natural landscape:


Potting Soil


Lawn Fertilizer

Earth Work Castings

Natural gardening is popular because planters often obtain higher yields in their crops. Generally, this type of gardening also is considered "healthier" by many enthusiasts, due in part to the lack of pesticides utilized by growers.

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