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Annuity Owner Mistakes

Okay, so I can tell you I have sat in front of countless numbers of people who have made mistakes when purchasing and owning annuities. And I have visited people who wish they never got involved in an annuity. And I have seen people who say that their annuity is their worst nightmare...So what is it that makes the annuity such a bad thing for some people and such a great vehicle for others??? Well I am about to tell you...and it all goes back to the annuity owners biggest MISTAKE. Yes, not mistakes but mistake.

Let me explain to you. Most annuity and insurance agents out there have what is called their "best product." IT is the product that can supposedly solve every investment need for any investor. And they make it sound so good that when someone is shopping for annuities, they ask the salesperson, "what is the best annuity?" and this is the biggest mistake. For all you know, the best annuity to the salesperson may be the one that pays the best commission to him. This question gets more people in trouble than any other question in the investment world...

"What is the best ____________ (annuity, stock, mutual fund, etc)? Like I say all the time, there is no best investment because everyone's needs are different. Each investment has it's own benefits which have to be matched to an investor's needs.

So in essence, the biggest mistake is searching for the "best" investmtent. So how do you avoid the annuity owner's biggest mistake? By asking a better question? The best question is "What is the best investment FOR ME?" That question is totally different. You see, to further elaborate, the biggest mistake involves not doing your homework. When you don't do your homework and you look for the "best" investment, you will probably end up with something that you don't want. By doing your homework, you can figure out what you DO want and what you DON'T want. And when a salesperson presents something to you, you can quickly see if it fits your needs or not. If it does not, then the salesperson probably didn't do his job.

One tool to assist you in this search is the book, "Annuities: The Shocking Truths Revealed" which can be found at Yes, you guessed it; it is not free. But it is valuable. It not only tells you what annuities can and cannot do, it gives you the right questions to ask your agent. It helps you avoid all of the annuity owner mistakes that are made. This is because it tells you everything the agnets, banks, and insurance companies don't. And it revolves around the premise of doing your homework so an annuity doesn't become your worst nightmare.

The bottom liine is, always ask, "what is the best annuity for me?" And if the salesperson starts shooting out answers without asking you about your situation, then and find another person. And before they ask you about your situation, it's a good idea to know your own situation. The more you can help a GOOD salesperson, the more they can help you. And remember, there is no "best investment." There is only a best investment for each person relative to their situation and their needs. And please remember...

Ignorance is not bliss...

Tony Bahu is the author of the controversial document, 'Annuities: The Shocking Truths Revealed', which reveals the secrets that the banks and insurance companies don't want you to know.

For more information on his document, visit the site below right now!

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