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See Abundance In Your Prospects

I was privileged to have a good friend and great Internet Marketer to share this time-tested principle with me. And I am about to share it with you, too! The principle is called "abundance". Yes, abundance. It may be just one word yet there is great power behind it.

If you are living life believing that there is scarcity on our planet, you will probably do business and behave that way. Not understanding that principle is what is forcing most of us to be more competitive, selfish and perhaps more hostile.

The fact is this: there is abundance in everything - food, shelter, clothing, money, prospects, and more.

If your mind is closed to this universal principle and you think everything is scarce - you will behave selfishly and gear yourself to be more competitive. While we should be a little more competitive but hey, have you considered working with other people rather than going against them?

This is a time-tested principle and has been long practiced even by kings and queens from centuries ago. Rather than to destroy another nation, some of the smart rulers marry their children to other rulers to ensure peace and prosperity thus preventing war! Interesting to note? Indeed! But we are getting off the point here.

If you are an Internet Marketer of some kind, it is important to keep believing that there is abundance of prospects on the Internet. After all, the Internet is not a lonely place for lonely people. The people are REAL.

It is only when you think there is a limited supply of prospects that you start to grab your share in any which way you can. I am sure you have seen even reputable Internet Marketers degrading and belittling others just so that they can get what they are after.

This is horribly embarrassing having looked it comes from a source who should have known better than to do that.

If you believe in the Abundance principle, there will be no end to your prospects. "How is that possible?" you ask. Well, consider the following!

Some did not have money last year, but they have money now and therefore can be your prospects today.

Some were not frustrated last year with their jobs, but they just got fired this year and they do not enjoy their new jobs. Therefore they are ready now and so can be your prospects today.

Some were still immature last year, but they are matured this year and so can understand what you are saying better this yea and so can be your prospects today.

Some never touched the computer last year, but did this year because their child started to ask for one and became interested themselves since they have to teach their child to use it therefore can be your prospects today.

Some never noticed your advertisement because they were never interested in Internet Marketing in the first place, but they had an accident this year and have plenty of time in bed resting from their injuries, and they are now reading every word in their newspapers or on the Internet and they see your advertisement now.

There are new babies being born every single year. It was the same 20, 30 years ago with new babies being born every single year then. This means that every year will bring you new prospects when they turn 20, or 30 or 40 or whatever age is suitable for your business.

The actual figures will vary from year to year, but you WILL have more new prospects than you can handle in the future.

It is a matter of them being ready, and you using more than just newspaper advertisements to reach out to them because believe it or not, some just do not like to read newspapers, preferring to get their news from the radio, TV, the Internet or even in the mail! Others prefer to listen to their friends' suggestions!

I have saved the best for the last: in one of the Rich Dad series, it is stated that there is 1.4 trillion dollars traveling around the world electronically looking to enter people's pockets!

See what I mean?

Now are you convinced how much abundance the world have all in all?

On the other hand, when you see scarcity everywhere, the trouble starts. You become selfish. You become hostile. You will be totally stressed out and pulling your hair when you find competitors springing up like mushrooms after a heavy rain, especially after you have just toppled one.

When you see abundance everywhere (and there IS abundance everywhere in just about anything), you become generous, you become more likeable, and you will have very little stress.

So which way would you like to go? Only you can answer that. It is all in your mind. It is all in how you think. That brief, but deep understanding is all it takes to make you a likeable, better person, or a mean, selfish one.

Copyright (c) Edmund Loh

About the Author:
Edmund Loh is the author of the E-Biz Wiz Blog and Starting An Internet Business Special Report with over 6 years of web designing experience before he engaged in an Internet Business. Visit his website for more online business ideas, tips, and information at and also get a free copy of his Special Report.

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