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Niche Marketing Nuggets: Picking the Gold from the Internet Mine

Building an Internet business based on a specific niche is not only good sound business it's smart.

What is a niche?

Boiled down, a niche is a specific area of interest people have. An example of a niche would be remote control cars.

People go crazy for them. They have complete web sites with:

1. Articles

2. Email newsletters

3. Forums

4. Part suppliers

5. Companies who sell popular remote control cars

I could go on and on, the point is, this is a niche market that is both popular and offers a variety of ways to earn income.

Three Steps to Internet Income

1. Find a niche people are interested in.

This part is where research will pay off. Visit, type in a key phrase, for example, "remote control cars" remembering to add the quotes too.

Look to the right hand side at the Adwords section. How many ads do you see?

If you see 5-8 this will show you people are spending money to advertise within this niche. This is the first clue this niche is popular.

Now look at the number of pages matching your keywords. If the number is large, say 1,000,000 for example, this means you might want to narrow your key phrase down to something a little more targeted.

Like, "remote control car racing."

Important: You will still offer a product or service targeted toward remote control cars. The reason you narrow it down is to eliminate competition.

2. Identify a target product or service that will help solve a problem or give them a desired benefit.

This step can become tedious and mundane. However, if you adhere to this rule of thumb you should do fine.

Rule of thumb: If you can earn at least 25% of the gross sales price for the product avoid it.

You can do a search for resale rights on products within the niche you are searching for. Most of the time you'll find a few if not more.

3. Find out where they are and sell it to them.

This is the easy part. Yes, I said easy.

(a) Forums. Forums are a great starting point.

(b) Related web sites. Joint venture your information product with a site that sells tires for example.

(c) Email newsletters. Type in "remote control cars" and visit the web sites listed. Most of them offer email newsletters to their visitors. Find their rates and place your ad.

Granted this is the simplified explanation of this process but it can be repeated with any niche on earth.

Now that you have your feet wet...

...what are you waiting for?

Get out there and find a niche and profit from it!

Jason Mann is a freelance writer and netpreneur who specializes in building businesses based on specific niche markets. For a free report about niche marketing visit his website at:

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