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Internet Profits Revealed: The Simple Philosophy that Works

Why is profiting on the Internet so hard for most people? If there is so much money to made, why do so many continue to struggle? There are secrets to profiting wildly online, and I assume you're as deserving as the next person, so what rationale could you possibly use for justifying missing out?

First of all, it is helpful to understand the prevailing mentality among not-so-successful Internet marketers, so you can learn to avoid it and join the ranks of the top one percent of marketers who are able to enjoy true lifestyle ? the combination of time and money.

One aspect of this mentality is the false belief among some marketers that is possible to profit long-term without offering potential customers something of real value, let alone underpromising and overdelivering..

If you only learn one thing in your lifetime about business, it should be the full awareness of the extraordinary power of delivering incredible value to your potential customer, whether you wish to sell your own product or make an affiliate sale.

Another aspect is short-sightedness ? the desire to make a quick sale without even considering the possibility of ongoing, residual profits. If you can do the work once and get paid forever by expending the same effort that it takes to make a one-time sale, how crazy would you be to pass up the opportunity?

If you couple vision with the desire to overdeliver and overdeliver and overdeliver some more, then it is very possible that great wealth may come your way at some time in the future.

Obviously, the concept sounds good, but what are the mechanics of turning your dreams into reality via the Internet?

To generate substantial Internet profits, you must help others to succeed in order to succeed yourself. Pushing a hard sell will keep you at your job for a very long time, so why not have fun giving your potential customers what they want, and profit wildly at the same time? So, without further ado, here are several prerequisites for creating a true Internet empire.

First of all, you must help others to profit in order to profit yourself. What does that mean? Simply put, you must create your own business model, or become part of one, that makes it easy for other potential marketers to generate massive traffic, which in turn should yield massive profits.

Secondly, you must be part of a profit structure that has the potential to go on forever. The only business model with the possibility of doing this is network marketing. Imagine where you would be today if you had taken advantage of a solid network marketing opportunity five years ago.

Thirdly, you must leverage the explosive growth potential of a model such as network marketing by turning the massive traffic it can generate into affiliate sales, or sales of your own instantly deliverable digital products.

Fourth, you must create or obtain a free information product(preferably an Adobe Acrobat PDF) that can easily be downloaded and transmitted, and be certain that the potential recipient has a huge incentive to pass it on. I allow anyone who downloads my free special report to change my two-tier affiliate link to their own, thus giving them a huge incentive to pass it on and earn substantial affiliate commissions.

Ultimately, your success will be determined by your ability to make a visitor's time well-spent when they visit your website or read your newsletter. Never underestimate the awesome power of going the extra mile!

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