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In Internet Marketing You Must Have a Strategy

When you make the decision to start an Internet business or for that matter any business you must have a plan (strategy). This is essential in order to succeed.

You don't throw a dart at a list of possible business opportunities and settle for the one where the dart lands.

It must be a well thought out decision and plan on how you are going to make money in the business, if you read all the hype out there that tells you all you have to do is spend a couple of bucks, get a website and lay back and watch the money come in think again.

First don't spend any money on those fancy internet ads telling how they guarantee you that the money will start rolling in as soon as you buy the software they are peddling.

There is a lot of good software out there, but if you are somewhat technically challenged, spend some time doing research the time spent will save you money and aggravation.

Remember the old saying haste makes waste, so take your time and read as many articles as you can on what exactly it is that you want to do.

The Internet is loaded with information on Internet marketing some very good and some not so good, so spend some time sorting the information out.

If you have expertise in a particular area and there is room for one more then start formulating a plan. Companies without a plan will either fail or develop one in midstream. It's preferable to have one from the beginning in order to measure your progress and see if everything is going according to plan.

The plan must be flexible and allow you to change directions as you go along, as you gain experience your will want to make adjustments.


First step should to get a website with your own domain name, many people get involved in MLM's to avoid doing the work.

That is the lazy men's way to go, having your own website is a must, it allow to track the traffic and see where your customers are coming from.

If you are paying for business you want to make sure your money is being well spent, you are in business to make money.


Determine what type of product(s) you want to sell, if you are going to have different type of stores the select a mixture of well know stores and lesser known ones.

The well known names usually pay a smaller commission than the less known counterparts. You need the high paying stores to carry the low paying ones.

This will allow you to offer incentives to Businesses and other customers you want to make regular visitors to your site. KEYWORDS.

Keywords are extremely important to your business plan, after all you want customer to be able to find you when searching by keyword.

So use every conceivable combination possible to allow for different variations and misspelling. When someone types into the search engine a product, you want to be found.


Have linking strategy- reciprocal linking is an important part of page ranking with search engines, reciprocal linking is another way of getting traffic from other sites that are similar to yours.

Links coming into your site will go a long way in optimizing your site, but don't pay for links, some of the link farms out there with thousands of links will not do anything for you.


Pay per click is the quickest way to generate traffic to your site.

Develop a strategy to have your customer willingly provide their email address so that you can inform them of money saving promotions by the affiliates.

Once you have developed a large enough mailing list this will provide you with a steady source of potential repeat customers.

If you don't promote your site nobody will come so advertise your site and entice people to come and spend some money.


Linda Quinones has been active in promoting her own site while trying to help others to succeed in the Internet marketing field. Previously she was involved in the financial sector for several years. Her website is:

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