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How to Earn at Least One Dollar for Every Website Visitor

The path toward success in Internet marketing can be a lonely road. It may feel at times like it's you against the world. Sometimes all you need to right the ship is the right knowledge. Let me share a few ideas with you that should help you to maximize your profits online, and to avoid some of the common pitfalls that stop many marketers in their tracks.

1. Get others to do the work for you through a viral marketing campaign that generates free visitors to your website. If you are selling a product, and offer an affiliate program for it, this is certainly a form of viral marketing, although not the most potent form.

You can also give away a free item, such as an ebook or a piece of software, and give them an incentive to give it away. The ebook can contain affiliate links that people can change to their own. Remember to give them a greater incentive than everyone else; be creative and you may soon find your traffic increasing through the efforts of others.

2. Promote products with high conversion rates that offer generous commission. Write honest reviews of products that you would buy, or that you have already purchased. Would you rate the sales page of the product website at least least an 8 or above? How much will it help the people who buy this product? What need will it fill?

Another great way to supplement your affiliate income is to sign up for multi-tier affiliate programs and give your sub-affiliates the tools with which to succeed. If you're going to give them a goal, give them some way to reach it, and develop a relationship with them as you both grow more and more profitable.

3. Capture e-mail addresses, no matter what. If you're advertising on Google Adwords, take your visitors to a lead capture page where they can sign up for your newsletter or e-mail autoresponder course. Give them a huge incentive, not just an incentive, to subscribe. Give them something to lose, and make it clear what they will gain by signing up.

4. Sell your own product. If you want total control over how much you earn, then the best way to do this is by selling your own product. You can set up a merchant account at PayDotCom, along with a one or two-tier affiliate program.

Offer generous commission to your affiliates, and a vast range of sales tools, such as articles and even an autoresponder series that they can load into their autoresponder account. Make it easier for them to succeed, and they will be your loyal affiliates for months, if not years to come.

Under-promise and over-deliver on what you say you'll give your potential customer. Give them several unadvertised bonuses a week apart that arrive in their e-mail inbox. In what other ways can you enhance their experience after they buy your product?

5. Monetize your customers with back-end sales of your own product, or by earning commission from high-ticket items. Continue to give your customers plenty of value for the time they spend at your website or that they spend reading your newsletter.

The incorrect way to try to earn back-end sales is to barrage your customers with product sales pitches several times a week. This is a great way to lose subscribers. Give them the kind of experience that you would want to receive, and you will win every time! Follow these five easy steps to profit, and be sure to always have fun!

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