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How To Create Your Own *24/7 Little Sales Machines* In 5 Simple Steps

Here's an astonishing fact guaranteed to excite you...

Many successful internet gurus like Terry Dean and Yanik Silver became that way by branding and advertising themselves aggressively through ezine advertising.

Ezine advertising is very effective, but it can cost a bomb, putting you out of business just as quickly if you're not careful!

Now suppose you could receive completely fr^e advertising in ezines month after month after month, without ever paying a single cent.

Would that make you very excited?

You ought to be because there IS just such a way.

Simply by writing articles!

Articles are what I call the ultimate traffic generators, write them ONCE and they work like '24/7 little sales machines' to bring you.

Hordes of targeted traffic, red hot sales, responsive subscribers and instant credibility.FOREVER!

Don't be scare off thinking writing an article to be the hardest thing in the world. You don't need to win the Nobel Prize, all you've need to do is be yourself and communicate with your readers.

You can create articles if you can talk, share a story, relate an experience or pass on some knowledge.

Writing an article's really similar to chatting with a good friend, and putting that on screen in an organized format.

That said, here're 5 simple steps to creating your own little sales machines quickly and easily!

Step 1 - Create A Killer Article Title

Think of your title as a 'headline'.

It needs to grab the eyes and capture attention like steel to magnet.

The simplest type of article headline is the 'question' method. For example.

"Are You Committing These 3 Mistakes In Your Online Business?"

Another method you can't go wrong with is the popular 'How to...' and 'Tips' titles. 'How To Lose Weight Without Ever Dieting'

'7 Quick Tips To Instant Search Engine Success'

Or this very article title which combines both methods.

"HOW TO [Create Your Own 24/7 Little Sales Machines] In 5 SIMPLE STEPS!"

Step 2 - Draw Readers In With A Stunning Opening Sentence

The opening sentence is the next most important part of your article after it's title.

It decides if the reader want to read on to find out more.

You can create winning opening sentences by asking questions, stating a fact, or creating curiosity. Examples of each type include.

Question - "Do you know the most effective marketing technique online?"

Fact - "Search Engines account for almost 90% of all web traffic!"

Curiosity - "Something followed as we ventured out into the dimly lit parking lot..."

Step 3 - Talk About The Main Points In The Body Section

Next comes the body section where you should include the main points and important highlights of the article.

Picture it as the juicy main course of the entire sumptuous feast (yummy)

A simple way to do this is by breaking it down into.

Problem 1 -> solution 1 -> problem 2 -> solution 2 , etc.

If you're creating a 'tips' article, you can simply write about each tip in the body section, as with the example here.

Tip 1 -> Tip 2 -> Tip 3 , etc.

The body of your article is essentially where the real 'meat' is. So do fill it full of quality content to educate and inform readers.

Step 4 - Summarize With A Call To Action

Always close off your article by summarizing the main points and getting the reader to take action.

Here's a quick example of a closing paragraph.

"As revealed, you can lose weight by following steps 1 - 3. Step 1 endorses regular exercise....A little step each day will lead to success so you should really start now"

List the benefits and tell readers why they must take action, be it going to a website or subscribing to your ezine.

Step 5 - Make 'Em Click!

You've not completed your article until you've crafted a powerful 'resource box' promoting your website, ecourse or an affiliate program.

The 'resource box' is really a 3-6 line 'ad' where readers are able to find out more about you.

The easiest way to create your 'resource box' is by writing it as a sort of classified ad.

Just as in any good classified ad, your 'resource box' should carry a killer description of whatever you're promoting.

The objective is to get readers to click!

For example, you could write something along the lines of.

Finally! Discover A Lifetime Of Amazing

Web Marketing Secrets, Tips And

Resources ... In Less Than 30 Seconds

And Without Effort!

Now put everything together in pretty paragraphs formatted to the '65 characters per line' standard and. Presto! Your very own little sales machine is born!

You can count on every one of them working like crazy to drive you hordes of paying targeted traffic, even if you do nothing to them from this moment on.

If you need more information on this amazing marketing technique and how you can maximize your profits with it, be sure to check out 'Turn Words Into Traffic' at

- P.S. This article was created with the help of "Ezine Article Creator".

About The Author

Ewen Chia is an affiliate marketing expert who has successfully promoted many different affiliate programs with the techniques he has perfected in his new ebook "Mini Ebook Secrets".Receive full information on this explosive tactic at

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